Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: JYP recreation establishs American branch to march formally North America market Now (15 days) JYP recreation announces to establish a branch in North America ” JYP USA ” , market of will formal henceforth development North America reachs outspread international market, assist the actor below the banner to march formally at the same time the market of North America.

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JYP recreation expresses, at present the foundation of K-POP expands in North America and international market continuously, grow fortified point to let the actor below the banner and company whole business be built at North America and try new strategy, held water ” JYP USA ” .

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Additional, go up 11 days month, JYP recreation and round-the-world music group (Universal Music) subordinate couplet numerous disc (Republic Records) the autograph is made an appointment with, the TWICE that this company will assist JYP entertainment division to fall, Stray Kids and ITZY still have Xdinary Heroes of new personality organization and NMIXX to develop in the United States.

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To ” JYP USA ” establish be related, monte Lipman of controller of couplet numerous disc expresses, of JYP USA hold water to be able to push K-POP not only to international, the development be related with TWICE, Stray Kids and more active in the United States ITZY also is worth to expect. Couplet numerous disc also can help JYP recreation march to the collaboration of two companies be related of North America market feels glad with expect.

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