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Original title: [casting prison consciousness of community of the Chinese nation] | The film ” flower why so red ” : Altitude 4000 meters of legend over! The film that according to real achievement of Laqini and life experience adapts ” flower why so red ” will on March 18 the throughout the country is common mirror. This publicize a ministry to organize a plan by Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, creation of day hill film studio films, gao Huanggang assumes scenario, ceng Zhi has guided film ” Kunlun brother ” Kelimu Abulizi holds the post of a director. On March 14, the film ” flower why so red ” the seminar is held in Beijing. Expert attending the meeting, scholar thinks, this film is revealed and explained a communist first heart mission, promoted patriotism and heroic creed spirit, it is to develop culture deep the significant move of embellish border project, be helpful for be in whole society is farther casting prison consciousness of community of the Chinese nation.

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▲ film ” flower why so red ” placard. On January 4, 2021, laqini Bayika is the member that autonomous county of gram of auspicious of dry tower of Er of library of Xinjiang tower assorted carries countryside of Zi Na Fu to carry village of Zi Na Fu to protect a margin rescue falls, year only 41 years old of Laqini Bayika’s saga touched people of Xinjiang every nationality to also touch the people of the whole country department of propaganda of Central Committee of Communist Party of China was chased after on March 3, 2021 award Laqini Bayika ” age model “

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Pull the saga of neat Ni Bayika for true emersion, day hill film studio prepares took the motion picture ” flower why so red ” . Film spreads out for clew with the story of Liu Gongjun of defend edge soldier, emersion a 3 acting people and frontier defence soldier defend Laqini jointly the romaunt of the edge. The group performing duty of 160 people in average height above sea level 4000 meters downy last a period of time is finished many days 70 film. ▲ film ” flower why so red ” the peak from Kunlun goes to forerunner prevue the Pamirs, in our country Xinjiang on the border land line of 5700 much kilometers, the member that generation generation protects a margin overcomes difficulty to carry a heavy responsibility that defend a margin at the same time, be full of home town of cordial and active construction at the same time. They use hot-blooded compose patriotic movement, with courage casting with respect to age model. The film ” flower why so red ” show the beautiful scenery with a gallant particular Xinjiang with romantic artistic form, it is in realistic story matting, with many true adventruous ” the crisis ” clue, shape a Party member of new era the Tajik nationality is common and great guileless image, let common people see true, of solidarity, the Xinjiang of ceaseless development. Through watching a movie, people is experienced OK and deep-feltly, on the line of defence side the environment is difficult, people of the Tajik nationality and fish and water of the soldier side defend’s true and altruistic the army and the people are affectionate, the friendly feelings of deep nation solidarity of acting inheritance takes the place of between every nationality brother. “My child the child to save you, produce so bad thing, you do not want ashamed regret, because you are my child. ” when Laqini Bayika’s father Bayika Kailidila is worn be rescued when the hand of children mother speaks this word, friendly affection helps each other between person and person, the big love the real situation that does not divide us, promote movie again to the climax. On the seminar, expert attending the meeting gave height the opinion to film — since Li Ge of secretary of leading Party group of Chinese article couplet, vice-chairman is long-term, day hill film studio is below the strong leadership of government of people of Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, municipality, the creation direction that holds to union of photograph of sex of sex of ideological content, artistic quality, district, nationality, times from beginning to end, produce the thematic film that has terrain distinguishing feature and ethical distinguishing feature to two every year at least. The film ” flower why so red ” have sharp historical depth move and times feeling, the story is real, structural massiness is solid, narrative and smooth, well depict what drive sees in Yu Pingfan is contemporary flower model character. Compare adult thematic movies as, the figure figure in film is authentic, full, true, fresh, the person that create uses the language of picturize, behaved a real paradigmatic figure. Tsinghua university news and film of Yin Hong of transmission college professor are created in filming, be opposite of elements use extraordinary success, great the appeal that promoted work. Flute of snow of iceberg, wind, lanneret, yak, eagle, reflecting person and natural concern, also changed means to present the reason that character nature and thought state form with art, clever and natural, do not show homiletic, this is the direction that creation of this kind of film should try hard. Normal University of vice-chairman of association of Chinese literary essayist, Beijing is literary film of Wang Yichuan of research center director serves as a hero with the Everyman of the Tajik nationality and the Han nationality, those who write them to be made in station of ordinary life, work is epic the outstanding achievement like, can says ” one gives birth to the people that is born not to cease epic ” . Film makes a person impressive to the depict of many crises setting and apply colours to a drawing, highlighted the typical sex of the hero achievement as the member that protect a margin. Film showed the style of Xinjiang film and trait adequately, of montage gimmick apply very outstanding also, through accipitral flute, yak the thing such as whip showed the spirit that protect a margin. Chinese film review learns film of standing vice-chairman Zhang Wei to use live astringently the environment comes to the beauty of life of serve as a foil to, this is the marvellous spectacle in homebred film. The place with corporeal so flimsy life, have very tenacious spirit life however, this is the place with Xinjiang fascinating story. Beside the Laqini in the film and him the person’s story, let everybody see the masses of firm and hopeful, Xinjiang every nationality that builds good home with Zhuang Meizhi appearance.

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▲ film ” flower why so red ” placard. Iceberg not you are in dread wind snow the place that leaves the sun the closest on March 18 the film ” flower why so red ” invite you to experience jointly to the cinema ” Pamier lanneret ” Laqini Bayika: Chinese nation signs up for new media ministry

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