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Original title: Blaze blue go to a extremely dangerous area! Jiangsu fire control assist pat big ” Jing heaven comes to help ” calm archives Is rescuing team member like the fire control of test of life and death that explosive menace whole town faces an unprecedented chemical industry to want fire fighting to want to help a person again already why does the human body of flesh and blood spread out come to help? Jiangsu saved key film 2022 ” Jing heaven comes to help ” told about new generation ” flame is blue ” formal today Guan Xuan decides the rescuing story of soul-stirring the whole nation will show file on July 8 this also is afterwards film ” blaze hero ” hind fire control lies between screen of 3 years of return when film of rescuing subject matter

20220315130037 62308df5b0723

The film ” Jing heaven comes to help ” issuance placard is true recorded again and again of the bruise after hero of retrograde motion of a gleam of ends a war ” the most beautiful sootiness makeup ” . This film told about an unprecedented chemical explosion to browbeat rescuing station of whole town fire control one numerous team member not dread a sea of fire the human body with flesh and blood the touching story of go through fire and water20220315130037 62308df5e0dbc This film got rescuing bureau of fire control of lash-up government department, Jiangsu provincial Party committee publicizes ministry and Jiangsu to save fire control to come to help of total fleet support Jiangsu to save fire control to come to help energetically total fleet is more offer in professional guidance, equipment, film the ginseng of harmonious, professional firemen performs field waited for a respect to offer, face wanton spreading ablaze blaze, rescuing brother round honor permits no turning back, for assault of whole town people advanced, change a life with the life, all show solemn and stirring trace. The audience can’ts help sighing with emotion: “Which have omnipotent hero, just countless exhaust can every is factitious we keep out wind and rain. ” 2018, army of public security fire control exits lash-up of active service put under to run a department, take off ” olive green ” change ” flame is blue ” , sufficient play lash-up helps the action of aid main force and national group. The film ” Jing heaven comes to help ” it is reform of focusing of domestic head ministry turns rescuer of new generation fire control is true after making the film of appearance, formal open ” lash-up saves pull by hand is old ” series. Disclose according to producer, the film ” Jing heaven comes to help ” in catastrophic more uncertain, rescuing difficulty rises continuously, what answer relatively to it is more modern lash-up helps aid strength — unmanned aircraft, ” blizzard ” ” fire hose ” robot of put out a fire, chlorine is caught disappear car, complete enclothe electromagnetism the fire control of a batch of high-tech such as missile of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, long-range cut out an engine comes to help. The film ” Jing heaven comes to help ” had guided by Ceng Zhi motion picture of trade of theme of first fire control ” escape be born day ” Peng Shun is directed, du Jiang, Wang Qianyuan, Tong Liya, Han Xue, Yu Hao bright, Han Dongjun and Wang Ge present as leading role to act the leading role, ever had manufactured ” blaze hero ” , ” Chinese pilot ” Asia-Pacific Hua Ying and ” sweep poison ” series, ” tear open play an expert ” series manufactures Fang Huanyu recreation is strong strong manufacture together. To deliver more actual vision result, the group that make according to 1:1Answer quarter build key setting, actors spread out ahead of schedule close special example, film the spot has firemen of a gleam of to aid force to go out more act.

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The cinema will see on July 8! Origin: Smooth shadow Jiangsu edits: Ling Qing examine and verify: Learn wisdom release: Contribute of center of work of entire media of Jiangsu fire control:

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