Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Week day in relief edition ” northeast past ” Nanjing cutback Tang Ruizi the average per capita such as Sun Jigong Ding Cai is present attend On March 12, 1000 industry of You Baohe movie, motion pictures that reflect a picture to manufacture ” the redness of skin of northeast past is green ” in city of shadow of accept of rich of Nanjing city Qin Huai district, cutback of field of 6 hall relatives and friends, a this world of producer week day, Ding Ming rises, direct Sun Jigong, Ding Cai jointly, peng Di of main actor week, Tang Ruizi (1000 search) , attend this field cutback activity, ceremony of the interview after and undertook be being mirrorred.

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” the redness of skin of northeast past is green ” by Peng Di of Shao Zhikang, week, Tang Ruizi (1000 search) wait for a main actor, also be Tang Ruizi at the same time (1000 search) work of first movie and TV, in piece in piece perform leading role ” little wild little sister ” , it is a kind-hearted girl part that owns distinctive sound ray. It is reported, tang Ruizi was born in Jiangsu 2007, love art as a child, in dub domain for many times bear the palm or obtain exceedingly good result, a person can imitate all part sound in electric contest game at the same time, and reductive degree 100 percent, be called kindly by the netizen dub little gift, at the same time she also is the actor with a very tall plasticity.

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(Tang Ruizi stage name 1000 search) at the same time two directors also are in an associated director Sun Jigong, Ding Cai the spot reviewed this movie, feeling is quite deep, producer week day comes the spot hurriedly since in relief, Ding Ming, the new project that recommended oneself ” exceed can college ” . Expect Sun Jigong of Tang Ruizi of this young actor, director, Ding Cai to wait, can continue to add a brick to add tile for industry of Chinese movie and TV, make work of more and high grade movie and TV, expect please!

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