Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” moon fall from the sky ” disaster is big shock will raid By collect Lan Aimoliji hold the science fiction disaster that guide is big ” moon fall from the sky ” announce the ground decides archives inside on March 25, film releases calm file at the same time premonitory reach placard.

20220315160023 6230b8173a9e6

This wait by Bei Rui of · of Petrick Wilson, haing Li, Yuwenwen main actor, told about a moon to be driven to leave former moving orbit to fly to the earth by a mysterious force, gravitational unbalance, the earth if doomsday is general, and in everybody when despair abandons hoping, one sees the team that seems mob decide to guard the earth is mixed the mankind, develop the old practice of last battle with adversary. Film breaks away from original orbit with the moon, bump to the earth to be a story germinant, in place remnant very few inside time, the mankind must exhaust the secret that can send disinter to be hidden in the moon, talent is promising make be between the beetle and the block earth is avoided at disaster, prevent what biology eradicates greatly the 6th times to happen then. On the placard that releases in synchronism, tremendous moon falls from the day ” step by step press hard on ” , everything uses up tellurian to be destroyed, doomsday atmosphere insecurity chokes, show the oppressive sense of film incisively and vividly. This also is ” catastrophic piece king ” collect Lan Aimoliji is in ” 2012 ” later, return to disaster once more piece film. (reporter: Wang Jinyue)

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