Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: IGN 10 cent! Yang Ziqiong is new piece ” multiple universe of Mom ” the intermediary outside obtaining reputably IGN 10 cent! Yang Ziqiong is new piece ” multiple universe of Mom ” the intermediary outside obtaining reputably the kongfu science fiction that Yang Ziqiong acts the leading role piece ” twinking Quan Yuzhou ” (interpret: Multiple universe of Mom) slanted in ” southwest recently south ” first show of artistic moral integrity, intermediary public praise already gave heat outside, sodden tomato is at present fresh degree 90% , MTC is equational 79. Basically praise film on the make reputably, play very hey, yang Ziqiong expression also is obtained approbate difference to judge basically think film is longer, see from the back very tired.

20220315160046 6230b82eaf112

This by comedy ” Swiss sabre male ” director red · closes, Daniel · applies Yinneite hold guide, tell about to be gotten by life do sth over and over again woman of dog-tired foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the accused knows multivariate have in the universe by tens of thousands each oneself, accordingly must the great mission of the many universe since bear, will stop an evil vicious power. North America was shown formally on March 25. Intermediary evaluates cento outside: IndieWire: This is creation of a talent make orgiasticly, it not quite narrative like film, more resembling is accelerator of a particle, or the cosmic washing machine that two bedlamite of 12 years old design. IGN: This is a mixed motion picture, covered various topics, but having the script that writes meticulously, wonderful performance and right amount fantastic humour. This story is multivariate cosmic concept brought fresh, welcome change, yang Ziqiong contributed excellent performance especially. Screen Daily: ” twinking whole universe ” obtain admiration because of its baronial ambition, it pounds an audience with strong style, the sad story that related person of an old woman to try to reconcile with her so not good life at the same time. ” put together art ” : The expression of film overdoes a bit, a new think of a way lets a person look dog-tiredly finally. ” the person that Hollywood reports ” : If do not devoted to its title, this paragraph of journey is a mad imagination, often be full of fun. But after two many hours, it becomes incessant, your person is tired of.

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