Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Kun apologizes with respect to article table controversy: Filming next operations with clearance urgent situation have by accident

20220315160109 6230b845d37fd

20220315160110 6230b84602aaaChen Kun apologizes 15 days, the be related of article table controversy that Chen Kun is aimed at date of him company hand over the accounts to go up makes a response, he expresses to filming workshop is unoccupied place, receive staff member small letter, next operations with urgent situation have by accident. “Those who be me is crackbrained apologize cordially to everybody ” . In the meantime, chen Kun hopes everybody can cooperate epidemic prevention actively during epidemic situation to work, wish epidemic situation is appeased at an early date. 20220315160110 6230b8461dbad

Before this, when Chen Kun releases trends, the article case that doubt seems a staff member to give him duplicates directly released, be censured by the netizen ” too do not take a heart ” .

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