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Original title: Hair apology is believed also of no help, date of Deng Lun Weibo Zhang already was sealed to ban, many new theatrical work broadcasts all up Lawfully the obligation that pay taxes is every citizen, but total somebody risk danger in desperation, after afterwards model puts ice, Zheng Shuang, osmund Ya on the ice to be banned because of evade taxes in succession, after male star Deng Lun tightens therewith, because evade taxes counts ten million, and be punished 106 million yuan, although come from the number,say, than ” evade taxes elder people ” a few less, but this amount, a few all one’s life do not earn Everyman, netizens are online also speak, afterwards ” one ice, one bright, one osmund ” later, add unit of measurement of an evade taxes again nowadays ” one human relations ” . Deng Lun sends an apology to believe already after evade taxes of Deng Lun of of no help is reported, issued apologetic letter very quickly, in apologetic letter, deng Lun says, oneself are in the investigation process that cooperates duty Wu branch, meditate already deeply, realize oneself error deeply, accept all decisions of the tax authority, be willing to bear all responsibility and consequence, and work hard as always. See Deng Lun says will ” work as always ” , many netizen speak bluntly, deng Lun has a place too innocent, in recreational group, evade taxes, suck D, off the rails the 3 big contraindication that are actor, once offend, basically be cool, nowadays evade taxes of Deng human relations a few ten million, still want to continue to work, no matter be wide report bureau, government-owned intermediary, broad still netizen won’t agree it seems that. More what is more,the rather that, if Deng Lun is not banned, to the star that money of dodge a tax has been banned is being stolen before this, also be inequitable apparently. Current, the intermediary of much home official that includes net of People’s Daily, people to be judged inside has been commented on criticized Deng Lun, people net is judged say ” do not think name is big, can by give the wrongdoer a way out, more fasten a heart to put try in vain by good luck deceive pass a barrier ” , ” abide by discipline is abide by the law it is the bottom line ethics that saves oneself fame, if edge of edge dodge a tax makes good person set, individual figure will collapse eventually ” . Many Zhang of Deng Lun date is sealed to ban, acting character brand cancels collaboration to have attentive netizen discovery in succession, deng Lun has been sealed to ban in the Zhang date of many platform, be in among them platform of some nearsightedness frequency, its Zhang date has two vermicelli made from bean starch, date of small gain Zhang is releasing its atelier ” esteem decision, assume responsibility ” later, also be sealed. The individual Zhang date on small gain releases Deng Lun after the apology states before long, also seal ban. In the meantime, bird of bifurcation of the cloud rice that with Deng Lun character having generation cooperates, bifurcation, dish is wrapped wrap, the brand such as Oulaiya has stated at top speed and Deng Lun ends cooperation, and Gucci is to be when the dusk more, rip off of straightforward style worker of the Deng Lun of Wuhan heaven and earth gigantic a placard, look of the brand seeking to live on is about to be really strong. Deng Lun is waited for twice sow drama, a put together art broadcasts all up steals money of dodge a tax, not allow to excuse, deng Lun may be led this probably is to want ” cool cool ” , so if Deng Lun is banned, its are about to open sowed work to also will be affected. The first teleplay is ” nocturnal traveller ” , this drama by 10 thousand lis of raise hold guide, ni of Deng Lun Ni presents as leading role to act the leading role, what basically tell about is to go up century 30 time, a lawyer of the Republic of China, with a contemporary profession female, the love story that unfolds because of spatio-temporal crisscross. This drama switchs on the mobile phone at was in Hengdian on July 20, 2021, of the same age will kill blueness on November 13, if do not give an accident, will meet with everybody first half of the year 2022, because Deng Lun’s incident cannot leave temporarily,sowed however nowadays. And the 2nd teleplay is ” graduation season ” , the main actor such as Zheng Xiujing of this teleplay You Denglun, after basically telling about 3 undergraduates to graduate, hit socially together go all out, give aid to each other, produce love to hate tangly story again. Actually, this drama is more miserable, had killed blueness 2016, at that time because female advocate the reason cannot leave sow, have two this years ceaselessly will female advocate change a face to open sowed message, and male nowadays advocate Deng Lun had an accident again, it is really too Bei was urged. And the put together that Deng Lun still attends art ” loss escapes greatly ” newest one season, it is reported had finished transcribe at present, mango stage later period should work overtime again. The Li Yundi before this, Huo Zun has an accident to make mango later period tired not light, netizen not by plaint, mango stage later period is too pitiful really. Of course, major audience is not be Deng Lun afraidly to wait for can sow drama, however Deng Lun performed many very nice theatrical work before this, many netizens still can be reviewed from time to time, so if Deng Lun is banned, picture ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” 1001 night ” , ” happy eulogy 2 ” whether can be fallen to wear, still be an unknown. Many netizens think, if be fallen to wear, very regrettablly, the netizen has downloaded backup ahead of schedule even. Xiaohai has a word to say Deng Lun is a very fine youth actor originally, had brought a lot of very classical roles for everybody, be in what cooperate with Yang Zi especially ” sweet honey ” in the Xu Feng of personate, a lot of audiences like very. And these a few years, deng Lun’s career also is rising all the time level, appear before everybody every time, deng Lun also is very active sunshine, but, did not think of all the time sunshine the Deng Lun of energy, the issue that makes evade taxes however comes, get a career to use up the consequence that destroy nowadays, although regrettablly, but also not be worth to sympathize with.

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