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Original title: Jin Dong gives theatrical work of battle performing espionage again, chen Daoming of partner shadow emperor, blast of lord of can of main actor battle array

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Amative gentleman ” ” the essence of life that ghost plays the lamp is absolutely ancient city ” ” my before half a lifetime ” ” if years can turn round ” ” elite lawyer ” wait for drama, can saying really is special high yield.

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Jin Dong gives theatrical work of battle performing espionage again of course because Jin Dong still has actual strength quite,this also is, or also won’t so much teleplay looks for him, nevertheless Jin Dong performed so much role, nevertheless Jin Dong performed so much theatrical work, actually everybody likes most still should be the performance that he gives time of play of war performing espionage, too handsome really, and extremely suit him.

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This drama was told about is period of bark puppet regime, in orphanage grown land wind acts under orders to enter 76 to do lie bottom, think method to conceal his true identity, enter 76 finally, make high-quality secret service, depend on oneself wisdom, disintegrate an another decoy, for war of resistance against aggression the victory has spread viatic story. Must say setting of mere hereat thing and subject matter had been liked by everybody very much, resembling play of war of this kind of espionage is the story clue that needs to give prize, film difficulty also is compared so big.

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Small nevertheless make up feel ” very close to each other ” another male main more fierce, he is Chen Daoming, chen Daoming just is actor of true national treasure stage, after all the theatrical work of movie and TV that he gives to had acted up to now, almost every classical, and he also takes all sorts of large award, because Chen Daoming gives path hind to be able to say,be do not receive sodden theatrical work, the role that he performs is primary also the character that is very influential on the history force.

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The theatrical work of movie and TV that performs before Chen Daoming is ” Kang Xi dynasty ” ” Chu Hanchuan is strange ” ” undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one’s resolve to do sth ” ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” such, can seeing the level that reachs he acts in a play from inside these drama is very strict actually, if if the play is other perhaps the side is not quite good, chen Daoming won’t be received acted. This explains he is to have eye very much really, this also is not average person can accomplish oh, since Chen Daoming chose this theatrical work, the quality that proves this drama then is very pretty good for certain.

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