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Original title: ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei encountering: Two market appear 4 times ” intimate contact “ ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” 1, 2 collect: Home Lin father female reconcile, lin Zhi school and Gu Wei are begun by 3 lines in bar encountering story, it is to consider the Kingdom of Wei to want exchange section office respectively, the relation of Lin Zhi school and father conflicts, male 2 and female of 2 flirt.

20220315160240 6230b8a03a32f

Male 2 and female of 2 flirt to have a place actually dull, also be a before now two collect probably a bit early, leading role story still does not have have a thorough grasp, with respect to the story of costar of anxious thrust deep into the enemy forces, solid belong to chicken ribs a bit. But, must say, lin Zhi school and the between tale that consider the Kingdom of Wei are very good-looking, lin Zhi school and Gu Wei encounter: Two market appear 4 times ” intimate contact ” , the concern that the contact of every time lets two people further. It is bar unconscious head for the first time friendly to inspecting become reconciled of Lin Zhi school ” feel secretly ” the ground goes bar plays, lin Jianguo goes bar catchs a daughter to come home, lin Zhi school is avoid old father, situation is urgent under, the dress that uses Gu Wei blindfolded first, the first time that is two people right now is right inspect, lin Zhi school is wrapping around to consider the dress of the Kingdom of Wei, come from some kind of meaning say, also be a kind of contact, lin Zhi school ” outside disappearing ” ground lean on a stick is worn Gu Wei’s shoulder is solid also belong to lovely.

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Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei encounter, because,be completely Lin Jianguo, lin Jianguo is opposite to the educational means of Lin Zhi school very asphyxial, lin Zhi school has been an undergraduate, but this father is returned,manage oneself daughter like certainly pupil. The daughter is the treasure of father hand, but cover too severely, also can let a daughter melt asphyxial.

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Provide time of work and rest, plan the daughter’s life, it seems that such father love is opposite very heavy, also let person ascertain be not appeared, and the Lin Zhi school that grows below such family also did not appear too much disposition is short of break, more hopeful however instead, this is likely the more the place of the strange flower of Lin Zhi school. It is the medical record that touchs the school of pulse forest to slip into a hospital to pat Lin Jianguo secretly secretly the 2nd, ever did not want to be discovered by Gu Wei, lin Zhi school pretends is the medical record that takes his, gu Wei captures the Lin Zhi school that wants take flight, claim the pulse of Lin Zhi school becomes fast, this is lying clearly.

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At this moment Lin Zhi school does not know the doctor before is the Gu Wei that encountered in bar last night, but considered Wei Que to identify Lin Zhi officer, look be like is to consider the Kingdom of Wei to feel pulse to Lin Zhi school, it is he coverts actually the hand that pulled her. Gu Weigen did not feel the pulse of Lin Zhi school originally, it is unconscious completely, but also be unconscious was opposite, it is this contact probably, let considered Wei Xian to have the feeling that one’s mind disturbed to Lin Zhi school. It is the 3rd to feel the school of abdomen forest to return a hospital to check to make Lin Jianguo darling, cheat Lin Jianguo to say he got appendicitis, lin Jianguo hurries to a hospital to visit Lin Zhi school rapidly, as it happens also lets Gu Wei encounter, the school that visits Wei Weilin undertakes checking.

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Gu Wei knew Lin Zhi school to say a lie at the beginning, but also do not have the debunk on the horse, when Gu Wei sees a doctor to Lin Zhi school, also be the abdomen that lying between the dress to feel Lin Zhi officer. This paragraph of story is absorbing, because consider the Kingdom of Wei to still wearing guaze mask, lin Zhi officer has not recognized Gu Wei, so darling and obedient lie on sickbed, gu Wei also is the means that uses a kind of embarrass to approach Lin Zhi officer. Did not want to understand all the time, the school that visits Wei Helin is how to keep back do not laugh.

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Final Gu Wei also was to take guaze mask, make this astonied to father daughter, cannot think of, the bar last night ” eldest brother ” the doctor that is a hospital actually. It is the dormitory meets the 4th Lin Zhi school is not at ease a person is in Lin Jianguo hospital, she misses father of the for company on the corridor that is in a hospital, gu Wei’s colleague cannot bear the passage that the heart sees this girl is in a hospital, let her go first the doctor’s dormitory rests first, never think, lin Zhi school just lays down in the dormitory without how long, gu Wei comes in, gu Wei did not discover to Lin Zhi school is on the bed, preparation takes off next dresses to sleep. This dormitory meets, their it is sublimate completely to inspecting bar is opposite that inspect, two people also felt clearly unwell.

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Lin Zhi school should see those who want look with what do not want to look, considering the Kingdom of Wei anyway should be this more deficient. Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei appeared 4 times inside the story of two collect afore ” intimate contact ” , administrative levels feels trenchant, also be close to each other more step by step, although some contacts come up against the other side without straight contact, but the power that also cannot underestimate the eyes. Of course, the lay a finger on of heart and heart is more apparent. Can say, lin Zhi school and those who consider the Kingdom of Wei is small interactive let ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” this play produced a lot of indescribable window.

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The show share that the father daughter that Lin Zhi school and Lin Jianguo appear reconciles also has in all the place of affection, look be like is a pair of incompatible father daughter, once the other side produced surprise feeling, they can for a short while come out boldly, their father female the relation between is very wonderful, resembling is personal enemy give tit for tat, breathe out continuously like the friend again its name.

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Likelihood this is best domestic concern, also be love soundlessly between father daughter. To the love of Lin Zhi school excessive comes out parents, some are beyond the mark but mastered a kind to spend again, lin Zhi school also encountered Gu Wei in the turning point of life, two alone hearts support sb with hand each other. Do you feel the encountering of the school that visits Wei Helin is coincidence? The daughter breathes out continuously parental name, is such educational way good really?

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