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Original title: ” meet season ” novel edition ending: Jianhong renews leading edge into Ning You, the most miserable is Ning Shu Thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi begins the city affection theatrical work that waits for a main actor ” meet season ” be about to receive big final result, the dispute love hate that flying dog of brief home and Home Cui chicken jumps already entered end, but from the point of clue development, gut is like the bronco of bolt, let a person guess the trend that is less than big ending really. The heart of heart of peaceful excuse me that Zhang Yi promotes personate reads aloud read aloud want to avenge, finally because of Cheng Kexin appear and shook, and the Jian Minmin that did not put down animosity likewise, after encountering Ning Shu, inevitable meeting evokes two hostility again, how should dissolve to moment? And the Jian Hongcheng of leading role of male and female of personate of spring of thunder favorable reply, Yuan, Ning You, lying between two animosity of a few years, true can outside place oneself thing, does the obstruct that disregards family go? Taking these issues, a lot of netizens turned over origianl work, the clue difference that discovers novel and teleplay is not little still. ” meet season ” adapt the novel that is able to bear or endure from A ” fall beautiful season ” , in the book female advocate father Cui grand, it is true homicide abortive (accidentally drop accidentally injure changed in drama) , so peace excuses and peaceful benefit has ashamed to remorse to Jian Jiadou, they more impulse of the grand that hate Cui destroyed a family. The Ning You hate to brief home and fear, basically be come from Jian Minmin ” be ruthless ” . Middleaged Jian Hongcheng is opposite all the time after the identity that fish excuses rather her openness is waited for, in the ground incident that engineers in Ning Shu, jianhong becomes loss of belongings of incur a huge sum, still remind Ning You: Ning Shu and personage of all corners of the country approach is Shuang Renjian. The special keep an eye on of a variety of exert a subtle influence on that Jian Hongcheng excuses to coulding there be, let Ning You dissolve the biggest fear in the heart gradually, also let her can ” Jian Hongcheng ” and ” personal enemy Jian Minmin ” choose leaves come look upon. Jian Hongcheng helps Ning You put down animosity not only, more helped her finish ego to save the atone for, shadow in stroking smooth heart. So, ” fall beautiful season ” the position that medium Ning You just can abandon stretching tight closely all the time finally, go accepting Jian Hongcheng truly, two people went finally one case, renew leading edge. The final result in origianl work is the most miserable is Ning Shu. He is done not have ” meet season ” there is the milk of human kindness so in drama, however avenge a machine without emotive, to the girl people feeling also is broken bits complete. Before half paragraphs of Ning Shu avenge be a success actually, his scalp establishs new group, let Jian Minmin face the disaster of bagnio, brief home is disastrous also take Ning Shu to do not have method. Dan Ningshu 1000 ought not to 10 thousand ought not to, conform to the principle of simplicity vengeance target quick quick on the body that changes Jian Hongcheng, and in on vengeance road one go black, the doing harmed his mom even, more and more disappointed to him Ning You also abandoned him gradually. Ning Shu is not of course ” elder sister’s husband ” adversary, make oneself finally into the jail. ” fall beautiful season ” the ending of the novel, jian Minmin, brief great plan, Hao Qinglin, Ning Shu was imprisoned, and Ning Shu’s circumstances is the tragiccest. There is the person of animosity only in a heart, wake up to reality abruptly after put in prison, just discover the whole world went from him, do not agree even the elder sister to visit him. ” meet season ” the Ning You in teleplay and Jian Hongcheng, mutual between having distinct good impression and tacit agreement, describe in unlike origianl work however so scintilla 4 splash, be full of adult exercise restraint and sober. From thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring deduce in light of, lead of male and female is right after meet again ” the future that has each other ” do not have the least bit expectation, there still is all sorts of tangling to place condition of affection of not clear family feud, classmate, sister younger brother among them what is more,the rather that, they resemble extravagant hopes origianl work is same ” renew leading edge ” it is impossible almost. And ” meet season ” this line is avenged to also become in teleplay more human nature is changed, zhang Yi promotes the Ning Shu of personate to deliberately plan, irratable and extreme, but he has feeling to family, also take superabundant land to the friend, ending always unapt too miserable! # meets season calls for paper # wants to understand more and wonderful content, will quickly pay close attention to theater of powdery Chinese ink

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