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Original title: Same sister younger brother is loved, sun Yizhen and Song Hui tall deduce a style disparate, which ability is the love that you yearn for? The friend that loves play seeing Han has seen these two play early possibly, but just introduce domestic network formally to sow platform this year, these two drama are ” the beautiful elder sister that often has a meal please ” and ” now, in parting company ” . Of these two drama male advocate peace female advocate it is sister younger brother is loved, but female advocate the style is completely disparate, a vogue rustic, an odd simple is complex, one hopes love dare be not had, these two female advocate one is Sun Yizhen, one is Song Hui tall, story of what kind of love do two such meetings bring to the audience so?

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” the beautiful elder sister that often has a meal please ” by An Panxi hold guide, golden favour playwrite, sun Yizhen, Ding Haiyin acts the leading role. This drama told about You Yinzhen elegant (Sun Yizhen is acted the role of) it is the super buyer that coffee company sells an integrated group, also be one does not have 35 years old of of achievement single public figures on the life and job at the same time. At this moment, the little brother Xu Junxi that her boudoir sweet Xu celebrates be apt to (Ding Haiyin is acted the role of) end abroad job to go back to the motherland.

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Because compare oneself big elder sister to this age at the beginning, having the good opinion that surmounts relation of sister younger brother, but also the age of two people differs suffer from and the other side also is the good friend that he kisses an elder sister, and waveringly not dare further, always thinking her, originally ” the sister younger brother that just knows concerns ” the story that real love produces after the men and women is immersed in love. Actually the playwrite of this drama is a basis the teleplay that the amative story of Song Hui tall and Zhong Ji of the Song Dynasty draws up, let Sun Yizhen go out act, really some of lot is in inside.

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The Yin Zhen of the personate of Sun Yizhen place here is elegant it is common and big the typical delegate in remnant daughter, the life is average, the household is average, the job is average, it is OK to can take those who get skill exclusively to be returned long namely, not be too ugly. Because the age is old,be only, had not found boy friend marriage, and the colleague that be mixed by the friend all round is family even sneer at. Look in them, arrived to this age still does not marry even if be opposite domestic burden, you do not marry parents follows anxious get angry. Meet everyday be favored with clucks, and Yin Zhen is elegant have a boy friend, but however because break off a leg, was parted company by Yin precious elegant discovery, but this boy friend always still is again and again,will disturb her life. Can be this young boy friend, because of the relation of the age, feel embarrassed to say with the family member again, can secretly love.

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But the subterranean amour of two their people is very sweet however, go together seaside, resolve the trouble in the job together, the scandal that ignores the outside eventually went one case. The sister younger brother that actually this ability is envy letting a person is loved, because the relation of elder sister and little brother is acquainted,be, in get along in the process comfortable with joy it is them the element that can break apprehension truly, so such is deeply attached to each other commendable. ” now, in parting company ” by Li Jifu hold guide, zhu Ren playwrite, the main actor such as Song Hui tall, Zhang Jilong, Wu Shixun. Favour of river of group leader of group of design of fashionable company THE ONE flower (Song Hui tall is acted the role of) be sober and spell able with realistic female strong person, feel the man just stimulates him to give insecurity the thing of the mood, do not meet feeling of serious look upon and pay everything seriously. And encounter when her get Yin Zaiguo of cameraman of industry gay freedom (Zhang Jilong is acted the role of) hind, the sister younger brother that produced a paragraph of romance with its loves encounter.

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The setting of this story is very lofty still, it is fashionable circle, the sister younger brother of stylist and cameraman is loved, but this little brother and elder brother are love however the move is same a woman. This is the brother died, the little brother after 10 years still encountered this woman that makes an elder brother infatuate. Probably this is destiny and the fate brings lovers together. The more in this drama is expressional female independence, courageous and resolute river favour flower, taking the duty field that installs a design, the major that how depends on oneself and respect property, for the company the design went out to belong to the dress brand that fashionable bound and masses are accepted and has deep love for. Serving as the cameraman that cooperates conduct propaganda is the good partner that he works, because working form ties also loves each other because of the job, so similar office love is special envy letting a person, because can meet every day, return can mutual help. But this is having the kidnap of familial interest and children marriage however among them, let favour flower and part company in the country.

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But be when the cause is noble, favour flower the decision that made abdication do poineering work however, the brand is in to repay namely country. In the country also because of Korea boiler hill fashionable dress week goes back to the motherland, they again meet again. Can be them such, be in all the time in parting company. This is the love of some cruel heart probably, but why is not a kind of happiness, the heart remembers with concern mediumly and do not forget the one part that also is love probably, if two affection are long when growing, be in again days.

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In these two paragraphs of amour, common Yin Zhen is elegant the sister younger brother that can say with Xu Junxi going up is green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, their love is realer, freer, more along with the gender, although there is father and mother in the home, there is colleague tie outside, but the little brother that hopes she of love found that sincerity finally to be very fond of him in the heart. And river favour flower the love with Yin Zaiguo, more unlock that are heart knot, the person that once loved each other leaves, he what encounter him love afresh, these need time to digest, the effort of the career comes the breach of fill love, the courage that looks for a love afresh so is them the motivation that each other love each other. See younger brother of these two paragraphs of sister love, which sort are the ideal love in your heart and goddess model? Be envy is common Yin Zhen elegant have to admire long already little brother to love? Still expect duty field river does favour him flower do poineering work have long other love? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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