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Original title: Survive gives advice or comments to sow more please reputably! Yang Zi is like battle to act jubilate enemy, pardonable Gu Wei is lone all the time Of Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” leave then eventually sowed, film 19 years end, boiled 22 years from 20 years, it is eventually when Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei. Music is big school of 3 students Lin Zhi falls ill because of father be in hospital, with father advocate the story that knife doctor Gu Wei meets unexpectedly and loves each other!

20220315160413 6230b8fdc24b7

Gu Wei sees a doctor to the belle in bar those who be like battle personate is doctor Gu Wei, but this straight male constitution, lone it is well-founded! Gu Wei has a place not happy, because he decided to want to quit clinical job, the friend takes Gu Wei to consider a doctor to be loosened in the evening. The friend lets consider a doctor to see a beauty, consider a doctor to cannot see a beauty however. What he saw is pelvic pitch, black rim of the eye, divide examine to the family directly in bar!

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“This is pelvic pitch, should see orthopaedics ” , “That black rim of the eye, should see nerve internal medicine ” , “Another illness is more, check-up of need whole body ” . Gu Wei’s single reason was found, he is an iron and steel straight male part! Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei jubilate namely enemy! Gu Wei is immunity to other schoolgirl, but actually at the beginning he also is such to Lin Zhi school!

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School of female Lin Zhi of Home Lin father and father produced intense brawl, mr. Lin wants to let Lin Zhi school take an examination ofing grinds when the teacher, but Lin Zhi school dreams sturdily however to want to become cello hand. Father daughter the two think of a way that want to let the other side agree with his, however everybody cannot persuade two people who. Lin Zhi school comes to bar, malty, lin Zhi school and forcibly ” strike up a conversation ” tall cold Gu Wei. Lin Zhi school: “I follow you purely to make call namely, hello eldest brother! Hello eldest brother!!

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Gu Wei: “If your brain is dizzy, I suggest you go registering a name. ” Lin Zhi school this eldest brother, it is abrupt really not as good as defense sector plunges into a heart! at this time, forest pa appeared. Gu Wei is caught not only temporarily male friend, full automatic still get a scolding one continuous line, gu Wei: “Come home her belt well certainly, look even if lack surelysubject sb to discipline “

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Father of Lin Zhi officer: “You say who lacks surelysubject sb to discipline, my daughter how, want you to comment on, what are you just doing, it is cheap to should occupy her? You just are not honest person! ” from the back Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei should begin to meet indefinitely circularly; Lin Zhi school pretends appendicitis, encounter Gu Wei; Lin Zhi school did not believe to enter Gu Wei’s room; Ask a word namely, missay rear, can encounter! Had affirmed the eyes, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” it is ministry love comedy piece this is right straight male straight female, sow two collect quite good-looking still, lin Zhi school and Gu Wei are straight male straight female, this paragraph love is straighter than reinforcing steel bar as expected.

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” survive gives advice or comments more please ” open sowed two collect to be public praise very pretty good. Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei are ” stubborn and softhearted ” , it is one caboodle jubilates enemy, and inside the novel, consider Wei Zao to like to go up actually Lin Zhi school, and the connection kind that there still is Lin Zhi school in his hand, pay close attention to Lin Zhi school particularly. ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” sow two collect, hold out reputably tall. Basically be ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” rhythm is really very good. The school of contradiction forest and the conflict that consider the Kingdom of Wei also had this two market, leading role and costar everybody the disposition of content brightly appears came out!

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Be like the Gu Wei of battle personate, consider a doctor to look be like outside Gao Leng, but the heart is a person that is in charge of softly. Those who consider the Kingdom of Wei is careful not be to pass aside to speak out, exhibit what come out now in the detail of the clue however. Lin Zhi school still is at present ” foolish foolish ” do laugh at a part, chase after that year ” dear has deep love for ” happy came back again.

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” survive gives advice or comments more please ” the information content that each collect gives is firm just, this drama is worth to chase after!

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