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Original title: Explode overnight because of growing beautifully red, when taking sport, be mauled by the actor, ending is fetching sigh Recreational group has a strange appearance, obviously the actor with first-rate acting however all the time not lukewarm not fire, so that we see feel very pretty good in heart of a certain actor, but do not make give a name unluckily again, do than following faces you know this actor what does she call?

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Speak of ” wind and cloud is male bully the world ” this teleplay, the drama that use an expression comes appellation also has not been been. Pick part from the character for, each appearance is like the belle inside a beauty, jiang Zuping, Jiang is for instance diligent the person such as diligent, Tao Gong. Their play takes stage property very pallet, with present bright and beautiful garment China take coarser than rising to be able to be used 2 glyphs look, but be born forcedly give birth to the feeling that relied on Yan Zhi to leave Jing to admire to the audience.

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Of course, the place with this the most successful drama depends on, no matter honest person or trait of character of villain in drama are very bright, gut also withstand deliberate, when so this drama broadcasts at the outset, viewing rate exceeded spring late.

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The teleplay that acts the leading role with Chen Weihan is made the same score in You Jiangzu ” love you to do not have a condition ” in, there is the show share that a family conflicts at that time, she needs face of fan of the hand that be used by actor Guo Ziqian, the director asks to be hit really to seek actual result, the Jiang Zuping that respects property also won’t refuse naturally.

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But everybody did not think of, the actor does not know helper weight, a few hand went down to hit her directly cerebral concussion, although sent a hospital in time cure, but also left sequela, have a little substantially movement, the person can make disgusting. The most abhorrent is that actor after the event the apology is disingenuous, instead is sarcastic say: Those who thank you is well-intentioned, also thanked Zu Ping to attend one class to my life.

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What affected Jiang Zuping badly this not only accidentally is healthy, also interrupted her act art career. To recover the body, can fade out of recreation to encircle the physiotherapy that accepts major only, when waiting for her to prepare to reappear again, this circle already time passes and the situation has changed, write down her person is not more. Jiang Zuping also has tried hard to reappear, after the body restores health, she ever had acted the leading role ” mom develops in a state of excitement ahead ” , the result is not very ideal, abandoned struggling thoroughly then.

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She after the career is damaged, in love go not suitably also on this road, it is lone that 43 years old are returned nowadays one person. From before when red female star, ancient costume the first belle, arrive because of be reduced to poverty of a few hand merely Gu body the one person of 0, such ending hard to avoid lets a person feel sigh for her.

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