Sat. Oct 8th, 2022

Original title: ” generation a fierce and powerful person ” true identity of Laowu? Teleplay ” generation a fierce and powerful person ” the person that true identity of Laowu betrays He Futang namely, laowu is He Futang’s man Friday originally, can says left arm the anybody like sword arm, but after put in prison of He Futang be murdered, laowu had his selfish calculations, he hides a metal bar secretly, however circumvent black child. Nevertheless the existence of this person showed Laowu He Futang is faulty also! Teleplay ” generation a fierce and powerful person ” it is a basis the novel of Shaanxi writer is adapted and come, by He Futang of Sun Gonglei’s main actor, lofty child the enemy Wei Zhengxian of lifetime of personate He Futang! The summit summit that Sun Gonglei acting should be when this drama films period, sun Gonglei’s perfect depict the heroic lofty quality of He Futang of generation a fierce and powerful person! He Futang is to leave the sea that ocean returns to return, return the tempest town that lags behind miserably, use him place to learn intellectual arouse one’s all efforts to make the country prosperous, want to guide tempest town to walk out of a new scope of operation! He Futang humanness is generous, have Yong Youmou, guiding after return to one’s native place so do obeisance to sworn brothers Hei Wa and will carry make the world together, although Laowu also is capable able person of He Futang, but Laowu is joined on the way, unlike black child and will carry is play old good associate together with He Futang as a child! He Futang is the personal enemy that kill father first, oneself team expands ceaselessly later, accumulate a large number of wealth at the same time, also accordingly by Kuomintang curule stare at went up, he Futang by circumvent put in prison! Why does Hei Wa let do all businesses before complementary hall put in prison, and Laowu thinks method saves He Futang all the time, send a metal bar to the jail ceaselessly! However the jail does not put a person namely, think the money of bleed white He Futang namely! Laowu had idea at this moment, feel He Futang did not give him important task again, there was oneself selfish calculations in Laowu’s heart, later period also does not send a metal bar to the jail, secretly Tibet rose, and return circumvent Hei Wa! Laowu did not think of He Futang to be able to come out, came out so quickly still, those who face He Futang is interrogatory, laowu is the delighted doing that spoke his, he Futang was not a hard job to Laowu, it is to follow oneself to exert oneself after all old brother, left Laowu a life! Laowu is footing actually not sturdy, had disloyalty, nevertheless Laowu’s action proved He Futang also is not perfect man namely, also have when seeing an eye! And He Futang does not kill Laowu, also be self-condemned oneself fail to let brother be of one mind!

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