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Original title: Does finger joint disappear, are face and neck sticky together, is mouth invisible… does drama of movie and TV grind a skin to you can stop? Dilireba and the new theatrical work that assume Jia Lun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” decide archives, sow shortly, atelier also is all sorts of stock begin to be put outside. Nevertheless, in light of the placard that gives off at present and prevue, meal elder sister feels to go not quite, the fact wearing a skin of this drama in too serious! With respect to Narenjialun this Zhang Hai signs up for for, take distinctive to lie the mole on the side of silkworm and nose is ground to do not have, do not know to ground a skin to fly 10 class, pieces of whole face is looked at resemble Ren Jialun not at all. The heat in prevue cling to resembled paring with Ren Jialun’s skin the egg of housing is same, extremely smooth, a bit does not see facial ministry grain. The most unusual is to have a scene, hot cling to touching forehead with the hand, because grind leather cause, her neck, face and hand were formed ” 3 class chromatism ” . And, wear a skin heat cling to the articulatory grain of finger is ground did not have, 4 her finger are looked at resembling is by glue sticky was in one case. Our that is to say, grind a skin to open the affects an audience impressions with this true extent, obviously the Yan Zhi of two main actors is not low, platform does these strange things how always! Not bad nevertheless, grind a skin to be able to leave to also can close, now vermicelli made from bean starch people do not add in request platform positive wear a skin, hope they can listen to the aspirations of the audience! Tell the truth, film the technology developeds nowadays, shot is more clearer than before also, but because wear a skin, the facial features grain of actors has not looked clearly before, this true view theatrical work that affects an audience experiences. Those who grind a skin to lose clean of week of facial features grain to fine jade act the leading role with Xu Zhengxi ” the princess of shadow emperor ” be valued by quite much person originally, after all, the road before appears video atmosphere to feel full, princess and guard beautiful Cp of this kind of chilly is too good crack with teeth in mouth really! However, prevue, many netizens begin to criticize this theatrical work ” bilk ” . Platform used one key to wear a skin it seems that, provide the setting that atmosphere feels extremely originally, turned great net play into wind. Two main actors also are Yan Zhi steeps fall, facial features grain of Zhou Jieqiong was ground to do not have completely, pieces of whole face is looked at resemble a boiled eggs, see even eyelash not quite clear. Male advocate Xu Zhengxi is more miserable, his age already not small, it is very normal to there is bit of pleat on the face. This obliterates platform skin, the pleat on Xu Zhengxi face is to do not have, but his face follows to be blown be bored with child the knife has been blown euqally weird. After we says this is ground, abrupt decretal grain is mixed malic flesh, is the audience looked at not awkward? The ancient costume drama before ” lens ยท twin city ” wear a skin quite serious also. Male advocate chin line of Li Yifeng is ground to do not have, the face is looked at resemble following a neck sticky was in one case, whole person is alike in spirit ” bighead ” . Female advocate Chen Jue fine jade is about the same also, pieces of whole face is ground flatly, can rely on makeup look only divisional facial features. Two people that do not have facial features grain stand in snow ground, be like ” sad frog ” and ” bighead ” talking about love. Most exaggerated is there is a scene in drama, li Yifeng’s mouth was ground quickly to do not have… of Yang Mi ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” also be to grind tare to arrive life of suspicion letting a person, her skin is smooth and exquisite, regrettablly, the face is looked at resemble a waxwork. Yang Mi followed lambency camera lens in drama same, let a person see not clear face. Our that is to say, the girl poplar 2009 cloths cover and 2021 ” girl ” Yang Mi difference or pretty are big… and, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” this drama also is not to gave everybody to leave to wear a skin, often camera lens cuts Chen Weiting still is normal, can see the spot on the face. Cut a great power power is hazy, what also looks not clear. It is a bit awkward more or less ha! Besides ancient costume drama, contemporary nowadays theatrical work also ” put no less than ” wear a skin. Jin Shijia and Tan Jian of second main actor ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” sowing in heat, meal elder sister is held out to drama of detect of this kind of punishment originally be interested, as a result the dot leaves to look, of this drama grind a skin to follow God theatrical work about the same, sense of reality sells at a discount greatly. Tan Jian second this condition, you say he is idol play male advocate the sweetheart meal elder sister that saw be scattered is old is believed. Jin Shijia’s skin compares Tan Jian second ” poor ” a bit, not so smooth, but also had done not have go which. Of his personate ” Du Cheng ” it is a gumshoe header of more than 30 years old, come in and go out all the year round fierce case spot, the result looks at fine skin tender flesh in drama, not a bit ” old gumshoe ” feeling. Say like some netizen, like punishment detect theatrical work quite originally, but wear looking glass of skin, filter, instantaneous interest is devoid. ” quick-witted first half ” the Li Jia boat in is more ” painful break pouch ” , he is in this drama not only the skin is smooth, without the flaw, connect pouch even ” disappear ” . For this, li Jia boat still is troubled by went out ” face-lifting disturbance ” , a lot of netizens suspect he became an operation secretly. But under, li Jia boat can stand to explain only: “I do not have face-lifting, the play staff grinds my pouch. ” that about, it is to want much grievance to have much grievance really. To this explanation, meal elder sister believes. After all, same time paragraph, in ” Qiao Jia’s children ” boat grows Li Lijia ” normal ” much. The drama that still is clarity of this kind of grain is looked at comfortable! Present drama seemed what to get ” ill ” , did not grind a skin to won’t take theatrical work, there still can be spot on the drama actor face before, the audience does not look all the same with pleasure! Film truely condition ” day dragon 8 ” the Lin Zhiying in, facial ministry grain is very true, have sunken have protruding. Unlike present drama, the face of everybody ” a wide expanse of flat land ” . Personate ” Wang Yuyan ” Liu Yifei condition is very good also, makeup look clarity arrives can see she does not have thrush head, feel beautiful to makeup rich key light sees a picture can answer quarter a copy makeup. The most essential is, the belle cries also is meeting float pink! This sense is too real also. Actually, because it is too truthless,the audience does not love to see the play that wear a skin is, let a person did not take the place of to feel. ” step by step Jing heart ” the Liu Shishi in, skin grain clarity is visible, several blain still grew on forehead even. The actor that is the same as drama also is such, yuan Hong and forest newer edge is trenchant, rancorring face is patted look at particularly true. TVB is in this respect is the person that above average more, meal elder sister is in recently review ” phoenix quartet ” , she Shiman still has blob on the face in drama, pouch is particularly apparent when laughing. On Ma Dezhong’s face ” bumpy ” , knowing is blain what is imprinting still. But when meal elder sister sees play, also did not feel value of two main actor colour has what problem, be shaken by their acting place for many times instead. It is in last few years, also a few insist not to grind leather drama. Before be just like of conflagration ” germinant ” , male advocate on Bai Jingting face shut mouth and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad stubble to be able to be on screen see. Female advocate what did Zhao Jin wheat do ” prerogative ” , same ground does not wear a skin, nose gives little oil to be able to be discovered by the netizen. Did these small flaws on actor face affect the experience watching opera of the audience? Do not have, a lot of people still feel this drama is ” Qing Dynasty flows ” . If epilogue says, necessary when use the technology that wear a skin, that audience is understandable also. But what drama begins now ” one key wears a skin ” , actors each is ground so that follow ” dummy ” same, how does that audience still look? The audience approbates, just be worthwhile. Each are big platform listens the cry of the audience, this kind does grain of actor facial features those who did not have to wear a skin, true unlike those ” Acheron filter lens ” a lot of little. Drama of # movie and TV grinds author of # of the acquaintance at the beginning of leather # , # and gentleman: Think silent editor-in-charge: SevenDreams the article is achieved formerly by ThePeople of character of rice served with meat and vegetables on top, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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