Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Dilireba transition? Do 1000 royal seal kiss easy melt play? Amour of glad of Lin Yiyu book? Company of Zhang Wan meaning? Q: Do 1000 royal seal have easy melt did the kiss make fun of?

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The hot search that kiss of 1000 royal seal makes fun of comes to easy melt quite indescribably, vermicelli made from bean starch is very sober also nevertheless: Since choose to become an actor, with respect to the calm then obedient gut is arranged, after all the actor is the role service in be a play, it is what is more,the rather that in a work, the actor is a part, but the part is not him actor, next he may cooperate together with Huang Bo ” contemporary favour enemy is recorded ” . Q: See say Zhang Wan meaning signs a company is true?

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Zhang Wan meaning restricts broker company without the autograph now, him atelier works alone, following a few platform is short-term collaboration, give oneself airs invests a project male advocate a bit difficult still, class A drama male advocate can, ” appearance is thought of ” he is next, ancient after all act so that with great difficulty sucks occasionally pink and rise Ga. Q: Want to ask Dilireba?

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The road of new theatrical work appears Dilireba came out, sit in street to eat a face to have with Tong Dawei say to have laugh, atmosphere is very good, this play also is her to enter a when drama encircles new begin, she also has the idea of transition now, she also won’t go to if it were not for dispute this role. Q: Is glad of book of Lin Yihe anxiety true, very sweet!

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They are business Cp only, cooperate conduct propaganda of put together art, the program on Lin Yi cooperates actively to do not have a package, had folded vacate a few spray, so platform opens new put together now art return pretty to like to look for him

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