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Original title: ” between the world ” cry play is admired greatly, frequency of thunder favorable reply mounts hot search, 6 kinds differ cry play, heat is discussed ceaseless! Jiangsu is defended inspect ” between the world ” already perfect receive an official, but I believe majority audience follows me same, couldn’t help be being brushed again ” between the world ” besides content development popular feeling, the acting of actors is can weighs a special skill more, answer every time see those who differ can have experience, among them most move of the audience is lead group people cry play, say the Zheng Juan of abundant peach personate for example

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Advanced in half paragraphs gut, how has Zheng Juan cried hardly, once Dan Zhengjuan weeps, with respect to the resonance that can cause entire network audience, clue of week of cobbly of grasping Kun Ming is on the court is more be profuse in praise by the netizen, a woman has much despair after all, ability can say he conceals the secret that is raped for years in public, the appeal of visible Yan Tao has many strong

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Besides the Zheng Juan of abundant peach personate, thunder favorable reply is in ” between the world ” 6 medium kinds cry differently play, also left extremely deep impression to the audience likewise, depend on solid acting, ‘ between the world ‘ all explained the sad separation and reunion in the center to come out

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Above all the first is cry for Chengdu of elder sister week after be informed Chengdu of week of 2 elder sister to have an accident, the aubergine that the state that Zhou Bingkun makes an individual hits like frost is same, all the way one’s mind is somewhat unhinged, after returning the home, who talks with him inexorable go, had done not have tear a little while to flow, worry about safe problem of Zhou Rong already, want to tell maternal Li Suhua truth again, but after he worries to speak out this thing, the mother is fought do not get this kind of pressure

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See Zhou Bingkun word just arrived by the side of the mouth only, closed immediately, although did not tell the truth, but the expression that the audience sees him and asp lip, OK and sufficient feeling is opposite by Zhou Bingkun the concern of Chengdu of elder sister week

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2: Maternal come to, let Zhou Bingkun happy pole and sob mother Li Suhua worked hard all one’s life, after age became old, still have the heart that does not hold, unfortunate lethargy did not rise for years, this thinking that next half a lifetime of the mother wanted to be spent on the bed, absolutely cannot think of, take care of in Zheng Juan’s patience below, li Suhua unexpectedly come to come over, right now Zhou Bingkun as it happens is beside maternal

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Unlike the coxcombical performance of other actress, thunder favorable reply is in this paragraph of play, expression gets Zhang Chi to have degree, it is silent as the grave first, lose one’s head, believe everything what what produce at the moment hard, when waiting for a mood to arrive at acme, zhou Bingkun did not stretch tight, instantaneous tear looks, this kind of happy event pole and the performance manner of sob, also can explain so that be without with respect to thunder favorable reply violate and feel

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Acting like a spoiled child with the mother, came to ‘ I thought you do not want me ‘ the audience before allowing countless screen looks to defeat prevent, without excessive exaggerated performance, only the real situation between Mu Zizhi is revealed

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3: The contradiction between Zhou Bingkun and father shares 3 children in Zhou Jiayi, eldest brother Zhou Bingyi is taken an examination of with Chengdu of week of 2 elder sister went up Beijing University, only alone Zhou Bingkun stays in the home, difference wide gap, let Zhou Bingyi carry in the home all the time do not come at first, after with father in the railway station Zhou Zhigang parts on bad terms, zhou Bingkun all the time be troubled Yu Huai, after retiring till Zhou Zhigang, two father and son just see on at the same time

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Father is done do not know Zhou Bingkun why so bear grudges, had classical affray then occasion, in Zhou Bingkun eye, father knows to feel distressed only brother elder sister, the heart that never has cared about oneself is experienced, a Mom gives birth to a dad, but be distinguished to treat however

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In this paragraph of clue, thunder favorable reply is motionless Zhou Bingkun this part gives perform work, appeal is not general strong, cry to argue strongly with father at the same time at the same time, cry finally, voice becomes hoarse, let Beijing child associate to oneself ferial in with native place the setting that quarrel

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With respect to Lian Leijia him sound is enmeshed among them, for a long time cannot dismiss from one’s mind, walked into character soul thoroughly, be worth what carry is to direct Li Lu to did not keep back as much on the spot lachrymal eye, express clearly, oneself had not cried 20 years again, daydream won’t want to attend a meeting lane be givinged by two actors cries, an affray that rips a heart to crack lung makes fun of, affected him actor not only, moved deeply also to direct

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4: Old building is confiscated, zhou Bingkun is helpless as a result of,weep a variety of reasons, new home of Zhou Bingkun is confiscated, bring about the house before oneself can be moved only, him endure hardships is indifferent to, but couplet thinks of parents, zheng Juan also should follow him to meet with blame, return that worm-eaten old building afresh, zhou Bingkun is self-condemned very, feeling is him complicity family person

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As the propulsion of background music, zhou Bingkun the pressure adult, through crying play all was behaved come out, of adult break down, often be in only flashy, and thunder favorable reply cries this paragraph play, get the fluctuant apply colours to a drawing in Zhou Bingkun heart Zhang Chi has degree 5: Of parents die father week keep in mind just dies, did not pass how long does maternal Li Suhua also follow, parental in pairs dies, let Zhou Bingkun believe everything what what produce at the moment hard, among spellbound eyes, was full of do not abandon, right now Zhou Bingkun holds the post of He Sheng sound without cry out, but his expressive means, stamp became medium the lachrymal dot of countless audiences, because of evermore, again also won’t someone cries Zhou Bingkun ‘ old a knot in one’s heart ‘

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6: Judicial trial, after career of Luo Shibin of thoroughly acedia villain in drama has Zhou Bingkun, think Cong Zhengjuan grabs those who return the child to raise advantageous position in the hand, regard the home as the pillar in, zhou Bingkun cannot compromise naturally, two people are in in contention, unexpected accidentally drop, kill Luo Shibin dead, many audiences say affording general satisfaction, but Zhou Bingkun paid bitter price

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Zheng Juan does not want to let Zhou Bingkun cheat bad luck put in prison, notted hesitate to be spoken on the court in those days the truth, reduce crime to give the man only, after the past that speaks oneself to be raped by Luo Shibin when Zheng Juan, last straw with Zhou Bingkun medium heart is collapsed thoroughly, but grimace, do not know to look cried the audience before how many screen

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Altogether, thunder favorable reply is in ” between the world ” medium expression, exceeded the anticipation of all audiences, 6 kinds cry differently play, be deduced so that particularly era is entered by him feeling, for origianl work novel medium Zhou Bingkun gifted different administrative levels feeling, schoolbook type acting, enough is record in the annals of Chinese moviedom, can calls acting the ceiling

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Do not know everybody is right of thunder favorable reply masterly acting, the view with different what to have? The welcome leaves a message, transmit, dot assist, one key 3 even!

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