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Original title: The ceiling of Han drama — ” winter love song ” only the deduction with beautiful classical first love A friend tells me, each winter he brushs Han drama ” winter love song ” , successive 10 years, when snowing each years, he brushs this drama to be able to feel winter is very warm.

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Jun Shangqi of 18 years old is worn the alone precious that the bicycle is taking 18 years old is slowly forward in the woods, road both sides is lofty and forceful tree, gentle breeze is blown, alone precious stretchs double arm to resemble happy birdie, of Jun Shangman face glad… the heavy snow of full ground, two people are piling snowman happily, the eyes is in love with mediumly to resemble that white snowflake, glittering and translucent twinkle, is the picture of pure love such?

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How long can the first love that must part hold to? 5 years? 10 years? All one’s life? Of blue introversion male advocate with lively and optimistic female advocate be in love in high school times, high school has not ended, good first love stops abruptly in a traffic accident, because male advocate traffic accident is dead. After 8 years, alone precious and classmate of another high school were about to marry, male advocate living appeared…

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This is labyrinthian, sad love story, although direct strong to let it have satisfactory winding-up stage, but distressed still heartbreak feels after looking. This drama once fashionable is whole Asia, male advocate Yong Jun of a surname of the person that act is known as Han Liu originator, wearing glasses, lofty and forceful, he of lukewarm Wen Ruya ever was by assist ” glasses is princely ” . Female advocate Zhi You of Cui of the person that act also is Korea famed star, have ” the Queen of heaven that urge a tear ” beautiful praise, facial skin resembled paring in this drama the egg of housing is exquisite and white and smooth, the tearful performance in the eye is lovely.

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This drama 2002 head sow, in all 20 collect. 20 years, besides the mobile phone, united States annulus is then beautiful the setting of Huan, the acting of meticulous the real situation and dress hair are acted the role of, the feeling still can surmount a lot of current teleplay, be worthy of is Han drama eternity is classical.

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