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Original title: ” our marriage ” big ending: 4 families ending is happy, cheng Jiangchuan’s choice makes a person accident ” our marriage ” it is the city affection theatrical work that sends a main actor by the actual strength acting such as Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, this drama 4 pairs of husband and wife in Shanghai banking market, when balancing family and working relationship, all sorts of laughs at a tear to coexist stories that produce.

20220315160659 6230b9a33ac0d

Complete theatrical work receives an official, receive big final result. In big ending, final result of 8 big leading role is satisfactory, cheng Jiangchuan’s choice makes a person accident most. Full-time mom change is one Shenyang comet half career female, consider a family to consider a career at the same time at the same time, oneself so busy that do not leave to hand in, pass oneself effort, on-the-job field fights the way that gives to belong to his, the project appraise value of 2 million investment turns over times, the investment that big ending still established him child fund. 2 Cheng Jiangchuan person ” fill half a year ” Cheng Jiangchuan, a once was investment group gradually nova, he depends on himself original vision, invested many good companies, the career is downwind downstream. He did not become big final result firm partner, instead oneself did poineering work new company.

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3 Dong Saijia careers female, idea attacks to go up in the career entirely, husband is full-time father, be in charge of taking care of a son in the home. After control is about to cross her strong to confront divorce crisis, put down oneself self-respect and face, be in eventually big ending, gave the fellow worker beside husband introduction. 4 Li Yu article are full-time article of father plum space, big cannot enter make up, after flying to two to work continuously, give directions to fall with investment in what fill Jiang Chuan, depend on oneself ability, became a favourite by sb in power of network of direct seeding of a history, bring child in the home at the same time, return the historical lesson that can continue to study oneself to like at the same time.

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Li Xiaotian of 5 Li Xiaotian careers female, live oneself single life so that grow has taste, freedom is absolute, pursue all the time not marriage not Yo. But after meeting Huo Liankai, two people chime in easily, two people one night Chun Xiao, be pregnant, marry one continuous line is arranged completely went up. 6 Huo Liankai is straight player of male full grade, homecoming elite Huo Liankai, also be feel ” marriage does not have marriage talking ” person, but after encountering outstanding Li Xiaotian, also can’t help falling into enemy hands. He proposes successfully finally Li Xiaotian, domestic career two tactics is caught.

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Careers of 7 Jiang Jing throw the helve after the hatchet, how to set his mind at the heart is in family belongs is full-time the madam’s Jiang Jing, can saying is complete be out of line with the society, treat husband euqally when the boss everyday. But encountered to love off the rails husband, still by plan of husband firm firm, be given by clean body finally door, penniless, good beside the friend gives power, commended the work of an operation to her, also made a half career model mom.

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Liu Weibin of Bin of 8 land dimension is a Hai Guinan that has Qian Youxian apparently, but it is ace of a PUA however actually, experienced and astute, egoistic. Believing this also is this drama most a part of allergy letting a person. He often is inside marriage off the rails, be captured to return by the wife absolutely refuse to to admit, after the event takes a gift muddle through one’s work. When discovering the wife cannot bring benefit to him, he is decisive and seasonable stop caustic, adopt the measure of all sorts of extremes, requirement Jiang Jing Jing goes out personally door. He of big ending did not receive penalty, this also is one of ending regrets, but perhaps such also more reality of press close to.

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In addition, why does Cheng Jiangchuan’s choice make a person accident most? Cheng Jiangchuan serves as an investor, make from basic level, vision is original, investment went out many alone horny animal project, but he ” fill half a year ” the name also does not come in vain, after he is investing company profit, about between half an year, give next investor with respect to resell, it is a fierce short line investor. Demon beans science and technology is one of companies that Cheng Jiangchuan invests, and this company technology is advanced, gain the favour of foreign enterprise successfully, plan to be bought with the price of 4 billion. This is to Cheng Jiangchuan and his company can gain the opportunity with extremely high return rate, cheng Jiangchuan also can become one of partner of the company accordingly. However, allude when selling demon leguminous ability, yellow whale does not agree however, he does not agree to sell a foreigner the technology, the technology that feels to be studied from personal hardship, oneself are capable to be done weller, can make more outstanding country brand, is not for money, buy in and sell at a profit gives a company.

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Yellow whale and Shenyang comet are same kind of person, they are for the dream, be willing to hold to first the person of the heart. Shenyang comet from full-time mom of 6 years, turn an investment group into successful new personality, at the beginning also all sorts of be not valued by Cheng Jiangchuan, he feels a person that breaks away from a society 6 years, want to seek a good job, it is a kick in one’s gallop simply. But Shenyang comet is not approbated, she is decisive oneself send resume, although frequently interview is frustrate, but kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, below the friend’s introduction, gained the opportunity of interview, got Dong Saijia’s appreciation, became a trainee. Accomplish all the way from the trainee, can head a project alone, shenyang comet ever also encountered all sorts of troubles, but the ability that depends on oneself was solved. And, she insists to value this project, even if project is very small, but she still does not abandon, do sufficient sufficient survey, lead hard bubble of use soft tactics accordingly very long, just take this next items successfully. Although although,an only item of Shenyang comet looks small, but thinking of is a hidden alone horny animal company, shenyang comet also turns over from a young clerk from this become outstanding employee.

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Return the project of yellow whale, cheng Jiangchuan actually also very the company that values he and him, but an auspicious opportunity is nowadays before, stand in investor and the angle that invest a company, offerring affirmation is the first choice. But of yellow whale insist to let him begin hesitation, he very value this project. He made worst plan, give wife Shenyang comet project recommend, the company of hope yellow whale can broom in Shenyang astral investment falls further upward. Accordingly, cheng Jiangchuan also from partner of a firm optimal person selected, become be dismissed by the boss, it is to let person expect be less than really. Big ending, he comes out oneself do poineering work, the person arteries and veins that accumulates before also gave his huge to help strength, yellow whale became his investment boss instead.

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” our marriage ” big ending looks meaning still did not use up, through showing the division of labor between the different family of content of characters in a play and contradiction, give real person with vigilance, also church everybody grows. Did you see big final result? You most is idea bad who is equal part? The welcome leaves a message in comment area discuss.

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