Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Cheng Yi this is to want ” bully screen ” , another new theatrical work is about to switch on the mobile phone, see battle array heat sowed drama to did not run

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Hero: Cheng Yi this drama is recently fry fervently ” south wind knows my meaning ” , also be what in October the bottom switchs on the mobile phone, hero Cheng Yi, he what act botanist in drama, seeking a kind of officinal plant all the time, be blocked by half-blooded brother however, to can do specific, two people begin fight, must say, cheng Yi also fits this part very much.

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Male 2: Liu Xueyi another male match, namely male advocate elder brother, it is Liu Xueyi comes here of the show, want to know, liu Xueyi can be our very familiar actor, although major work is costar and villain in drama, also can have superhigh person energy of life, acting is conspicuous, yan Zhi is conspicuous, and major work is ancient costume drama, in drama, although be villain in drama, but still mix finally male advocate the knot issued deep friendship, your person expects.

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Heroine: Zhang Yuxi and what make fun of this is big female advocate, it is to make us current wait for more, what fry before is Jing Tian, explode recently nevertheless the information that give, big female advocate the Zhang Yuxi that has had collaboration 3 times with Cheng Yi namely. Oneself have transcendental Yan Zhi, the main actor crosses a lot of classical a list of plays, be like ” Yun quality is too great ” , ” cannot embrace you ” etc, it is this in drama, act a doctor, and male advocate together everywhere ask for help, went finally one case. What act the leading role this is the actor with joyous luck subordinate century completely, and in a lot of teleplay, these actors have a part, a lot of filmgoer feel too jump made fun of, always after all a few people act together, the part is changeful also, when letting us look, often cannot enter a part, perhaps be joyous luck resource too little, let a person look not to understand.

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But these a few actors, have very tall Yan Zhi, acting is pretty good still, let a person expect quite, to this, what view does everybody have? The welcome nods assist to share.

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