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Original title: Another ” double male advocate ” did drama explode? Tan Jian of golden world beautiful second ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” really sweet Expect long already ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” leave eventually sow. Meanwhile, act the leading role by Dilireba, Ren Jialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” also announce to decide archives. The corresponding period broadcasts, it is double win or on any account returns cannot to know. But at the moment, small make up think to feel distressed silently however ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” .

20220315160903 6230ba1f3354b

” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” be by Tan Jian second, the suspense drama that Jin Shijia acts the leading role. The near future is net drama heat all the time the first, and be 5 stars almost reputably. Just just had become ” a dark horse ” manner, came two so formidable competitors. Nevertheless, the competitor is again formidable, oneself is excellent also not be afraid of, follow below small make up the window that sees this play together to be in which!

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Double male advocate + set is novel ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” this drama basically is to tell about imitate picture Shi Shenyi (Tan Jian second adorn) with gumshoe header Du Cheng (Jin Shijia is acted the role of) , be forced below good luck coincidence partner, two people detect bizarre doubtful case many cases together, trace the story of truth of answer to a riddle jointly.

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Shen Yi regards imitate picture as division, can confessedly represents a guilty suspect image, still can ” 3 years old of pictures are old ” . As the audience, feel he left it seems that ” golden finger ” , even the netizen feels to be pulled a bit. But in real life, true however true be sure to has such professional talent to exist, for instance trader in human beings ” plum aunt ” through picture division confessedly picture comes out, this let us have more intimate knowledge and admire to this one profession!

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Shen Yi follows Du Cheng to cannot bear the sight of each other at the beginning, because once had a master worker that the woman sought Shen Yi to draw deputy picture to bring about Du Cheng,be killed. Dan Shenyi does not draw the look that gives that woman all the time because of scar. So Shen Yi is borne compunctious, and fury of Du Cheng bellyful! But two people get along in case of one stake stake gradually tacitter and tacitter, also very admire each other. It is to be cured each other, the revolutionary friendship that grows jointly, get along natural, degree of tacit and dye-in-the-wood brotherly affection good knock is not mixed under Dg Bg!

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Choose horn to take a heart + acting reputably of this drama choose horn to also be worth to praise well. Male advocate Tan Jian second with Jin Shijia, one Rou Yigang (one cat one dog) form contrast bud. Tan Jian second have literary temperament very much, very aesthetic, very accord with ” picture division ” the person is set. Tension of his of male round one’s previous experience arena is dye-in-the-wood, acting also is sufferred all the time reputably. Go up nearly two years pink is rapid, future very but period!

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Jin Shijia authority is not new. ” love apartment ” medium ” extend gain ” popular feeling of one horn development, but also because of this very difficult transition. It is nevertheless in this drama, he is done not have completely really ” extend gain ” shadow, however the gumshoe Du Cheng that justice has Yong Youmou again. Also have dreamy linkage nevertheless, have for instance ” bully gas elder sister ” .

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Still have the director of Qin Hailu personate, have too model, enrage an a standard-sized sheet, spell able and august, so that somebody suspects she is big Boss of behind the curtain! Still have the policewoman in drama, too Sa. Say none exaggeratively, small make up see one loves! Actor colour is worth freeboard, still have ” feline disciple by the person Lu Di of smooth pitch on ” gues-star, it is little surprise. The key is complete member very joint performance, can let a person enter sport very much.

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Focusing reality heat + rhythm is fast and clarity serves as unit drama, have very the place of assist can have different case namely, the punishment detect that follows to look in one’s childhood piece same, hit to catch the next to blame quite. Another place that this drama deserves to praise is returned while rhythm is very fast namely can say gut clear.

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And every case is social heat problem, integral gut very careful, logic is very clear also. The most important is, in phonate for these victims. Pay close attention to these invisible dark corner more, let everybody station be under sunshine!

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