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Original title: CCTV tonight eventually head sow, ” love goes all out can win ” receive grade ” between the world ” , hand of Ji Lian of Zhang Fengyi king CCTV theater of a gold broadcasts eventually tonight teleplay! The CCTV that becomes silent 14 days becomes silent no longer tonight! Everybody did not misread: On March 15, CCTV gold theater ” love goes all out to win surely ” sow! ” the world ” leave from March 1 since sowing, successive 14 days infrequent sign off! Everybody is expecting all the time ” the world ” follow-up drama anthology! But ” the world ” public praise is so good, CCTV must make an audience sufficient enjoy ” the world ” ! So, about ” the world ” discuss to continue even, let CCTV next 8 continue to be opposite ” the world ” undertake bomb the 2nd round! On March 14, “Chinese poetry congress ” ring down the curtain, CCTV must act on March 15! Why should begin to seek theatrical work in this moment? Because, new round of each argue of big TV station had begun! Well-known, on March 15, xiao Zhanyang is violet ” give advice or comments more please ” will broadcast! This Xiao Zhan has many welcome! This drama will be in on March 15 the whole world the line on many countries! The graph has the real situation: My day, ” the world ” through Dishini after CCTV broadcasts overseas broadcasts! ” survive is asked great give advice or comments ” already broadcasted Chinese and English edition, and in the whole world many countries broadcast! What I am homebred drama really is hot feel proud. Still have a theatrical work ” the home of the heart ” , also will inspect at was being defended in east on March 17, Zhejiang is defended inspect broadcast! Sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao, Zhang Songwen is actor of actual strength clique. This drama by ” dwell is resided ” director Teng Huatao hold guide, the audience praises this theatrical work is ” ” dwell is resided ” fine companion! CCTV had waited not as good as, wanted to sow, more what is more,the rather that 14 days sign off, the move such as the audience loses patience! So, on March 15, CCTV should take theatrical work of a heavy pound, be inspected to close and battle! Why to choose ” Love To Win ” replace ” The World ” ? The style of this drama and ” the world ” very picture, the audience follows ” the world ” also won’t feel abrupt! So, I chose ” love fights ” ! ” ask earnestly and tirelessly of earnestly and tirelessly to admonish all one’s life ” ” the home of the heart ” ” the world ” style each are not identical. And ” love wins ” the style is different! A lot of people or habit seek theatrical work in CCTV! The audience will be passed with ” the world ” of style likeness ” Love And Will Win ” implementation is perfect transfer! CCTV is opposite all the time before this of this drama broadcast keep silence. Estimation is to think sneak attack. Because afraid meeting is announced ahead of schedule,also be, by each big contest tastes a TV station to adjust grab viewing rate! Broadcasted on March 15, arrived to just be given off midday ” love a bottle of meeting to win ” broadcast, because Xiaoguang and Gan Tingting act the leading role, they also chose the Guan Xuan March 15 to broadcast time. Doesn’t leading role know? Apparent, the person that broadcast alls rights reserved can ask it! See placard of government of this section purpose: very resemble ” the world ” , full time feels. Arrive from 1979 2019, span of 40 years, also be drama of a times! Gan Tingting eventually decay, the ancient costume theatrical work that she performs lets an audience expect! As to Zhang Fengyi and Wang Ji, it is senior actor. When acting in a play, male advocate Yu Xiaoguang and Gan Tingting estimate still is a child! See this piece of picture, and ” the world ” have how similar: Fujian advance river, the famousest is sneaker factory collect the ground, and ” Jin Jiangwen learns ” this name is very resonant also! Poineering story of Gan Tingting, want the factory of a shoe from initial stage of our country reforming and opening to start. ” advance river story ” the abbreviation that is the encourage annals story that Chinese people fights. It is our common people struggles history epitome! CCTV becomes silent 14 days, essence of life is carried fine anthology ” love goes all out to win surely ” wait for drama of affection of times encourage annals. Survive is asked great give advice or comments ” , but drama of an unexpected winner explodes completely likely! Li Lu just began to pat ” the world ” when, value without the person inside course of study ” the world ” , feel this drama does not have the market at all. Say the network feels too poor inside course of study, story sex is not strong. Thunder favorable reply, Yin Tao, Song Jia should take this theatrical work! Where is result? Already was watched by 400 million audience, get of big media and each audience reputably! So, the eye that believes CCTV! On March 15, namely tonight, CCTV cinema of a group of gold broadcasted at 8 o’clock ” love wins ” , with southeast story add of Jin Jiang is written ” the world ” , the story that relates Ji Chun is northeastern. Come, can you see this program?

20220315160942 6230ba46f2551

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