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Original title: Han drama ” tomorrow ” newest stage photo is open, is earthquake of pupil of golden road cloud what to job produce? Han drama is recommended now — ” tomorrow / tomorrow ” . Han drama ” tomorrow / tomorrow ” (use below ” tomorrow ” ) newest stage photo makes public Jin Luyun! After Jin Luyun and the Jin Haishu that are full of imposing manner meet, pupil earthquake, what job to produce? MBC is brand-new golden earth teleplay ” tomorrow ” in, the Cui Junxiong of personate of golden road cloud and the Acheron rig business of Jin Haishu personate ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” Yu Huang encountering.

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Jin Luyun is in drama personate male advocate Cui Junxiong, he is half person the condition of half fetch is in Acheron rig business ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” in, the crisis management combination of obtain employment is the same as employee Cui Junxiong. The Acheron forestall company that personate of golden Hai Shuze has firm disposition and remarkable business ability ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” chairman Yu Huang one horn, two people encounter to react the chemistry that shows an expect to be less than. Han drama ” tomorrow ” basically told about Acheron emissary people the people that saves border of those on one’s deathbed together, acheron rig business is built in the world ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” story of strange unreal warmth.

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Will on April 1 in the evening 9:50 head sow, receive grade ” tracer / Trader ” (decide formerly on March 25) . In open stage photo, cui Junxiong showed the eyes that fills curiosity and cautionary heart, dazzling Yan Zhi + the line of sight that expression attracted people. Cui Junxiong is being looked around all around, it seems that very anxiously is touching cuff, those who sit opposite him is ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” chairman Yu Huang. The objective that Cui Junxiong is the alleged Yu Huang that receives for the first time it seems that (see a look) , show nervousness slightly so, both hands is amalgamative become prostrate state, deferential pose attracted the line of sight of people.

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Meanwhile, in another piece of stage photo, the expression that caught earthquake of Cui Junxiong pupil, panic-stricken, flabbergast (the adjective is a bit much, excuse me) , stimulated vermicelli made from bean starch people curiosity. Cui Junxiong should be to be pounded strongly by what, caused pupil earthquake, close not approach mouth, your person curiosity just entered his expression ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” Cui Junxiong produced what job after all. So Cui Junxiong from at the beginning with respect to ill ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” obtain employment period, get attention fully.

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Han drama ” tomorrow ” the group that make discloses express: “The encountering of Cui Junxiong and Yu Huang, the one big turning point that makes Cui Junxiong life. ” then the group that make complements again: “The error that is full of Cui Junxiong of enthusiastic social new personality is consecutive, he is in ” a lantern with paper cut figures of men ” of the enterprise get used to period meeting to cause laugh and resonance, ask authority wait and see what happens. ” important thing says again, MBC is brand-new golden earth teleplay ” tomorrow ” will receive grade ” tracer / Trader ” , on April 1 in the evening 9:50 head sow. (bench gets ready! )

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Above, the Han theatrical work that you expect to Jin Luyun acts the leading role ” tomorrow ” ? Welcome everybody to leave a message in comment area together discuss! The article forces disease to be achieved formerly by drama confusing, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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