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Original title: ” know to deny, know to deny, should be green manure red thin ” : Parental fondling, do it plan far-reaching If say with 6 girls Cheng Minglan’s perspective regards teleplay as the word of open wire, that ” parental fondling, do it plan far-reaching ” the dark line that is perforative full text. The young woman that no matter be,drives a Ming Lan, or be fine into the county advocate mother, also or it is later period 2 father’s younger brother rescue Ming Lan hind in water, ming Lan is right of 2 father’s younger brother dissuasive, the daughter adept elder sister that eldest brother Gu Tingyu of Gu Tingye is him a way of escape of arrangement. . . . . . Parenting person, the child that is oneself plan plan. The part is unscrambled ” parental fondling, do it plan far-reaching ” the family name is defended the earliest to put forward by Ming Lan’s young woman in film, in teleplay, wei Xiaoniang is the small concubine that bright Lan Fu fills Kui in person. Both neither is old a polite form of address for a young woman, also not be her what bestow favor on concubine, in deep be worldly wise and make oneself safe can choose only in courtyard curtilage. But the day fails the person wishs, in her production process, as a result of fetal too big, bring about difficult labor. During be dying, she chooses to send Ming Lan in old lady room, this is her be Ming Lan one ” plan ” .

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In film, the son Qi Heng of the infanta that make the same score peace is neat small fair father is an unusually lucky person. ” know to deny ” there are a paragraph of such words in origianl work: “Lukewarm embellish of that teenager smile, labial red tine is white, eye Lang Meixiu, body appearance if like the Qing Zhu with one forceful clump comely, of end is the expression of country of a kind of name beautiful bend, the person saw, all ” good an elegant Adonis. ” regard Qi Guogong government office as exclusive of lineal descent child he, on polo field, shine brilliantly, this also was drawn fine into the county advocate see admire. For this fine into the county advocate the life that the mother takes Ming Lan even will browbeat Qi Heng, final Qi Heng must sign marriage book. Although fine into the county advocate maternal method extreme, but this also is her be her daughter one ” plan ” .

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Film later period, the mother after Gu Tingye suffers Xiaoqin and concubine family name the calculate of graceful woman, leave home go entering swing all corners of the country, just meet the Ming Lan that meets Hui Youyang native place to encounter wicked bandit to fall into water. After rescueing Ming Lan, ming Lan also offerred this point of view to Gu Tingye ” parental fondling, do it plan far-reaching ” , the dot woke to consider bright of the court of a feudal ruler, gu Tingye this ability is resolved go joining the army, the look elder sister that is him wrestle wrestle.

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If say film is medium, letting a person hate the part that loves again again is eldest brother Gu Tingyu of Gu Tingye about. Gu Tingyu as form of a address for an official or rich man for Gu Hou allow place of family name of first wife big the Qin Dynasty goes out, after succession of white family name of mother of the bright that consider the seat of a monarchical government, ought be elder brother friendly younger brother respectful they, got however of the 2nd mother holding the post of afterwards Xiaoqin provocative, this brings about early days eldest brother is detest to Gu Tingye. In the meantime, gu Tingyu also understands Gu Tingye’s humanness. In later period so Gu Tingyu is informed him life before long when, he what had raided the rank of nobility uses store of the rank of nobility that visits the home, belongings, cropland, business. . . . . . Will to Gu Tingye had been shown, beg him to be able to protect elder sister of her daughter adept only second half does not have care unripely. This is him be her daughter as father one ” plan ” .

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In drama, offer this reason not clearly, it is in carry out travel with real operation the parents of this truth cans be found everywhere however. Filling the home, although the old lady fills Kui to do not have kin with Ming Lan’s father, but the childhood that filling Kui however is added more to him take care of, ask a gentleman to take imperial examination for him, manhood hind is his wive, get ready to pave a road to fill the official circles of Kui with all possible means, bring up the big daughter Hua Lan that fills Kui to be brought up. . . . . . Grandmother familied livelihood all one’s life to fill. In visit the home, early days of family name of small the Qin Dynasty of stepmother of the bright that consider the seat of a monarchical government is good at camouflage, it is this play is the biggest invert villain in drama, early days looks be like favorite Gu Tingye, but it is honest however ” hold in both hands kill ” . After later period nature is exposed, gu Tingye and eldest brother Gu Tingyu just see the humanness of clear stepmother. Look in this be like complex backside, it is the original intention with pure under cover however, that is the one’s own son that Xiaoqin wants to leave his the rank of nobility that visits the home — Gu Tingwei. She just is managed step by step afore, no more than is a mother stopped in plan for his son. However the medium that this also cannot deny her was harmed really beside the person’s fact. This is Xiaoqin for him son one ” plan ” . In drama, always parenting person, what should consider for oneself child is some more far-reaching. Film kernel story in order to fill a 6 girls begin, in order to fill a 6 girls winding-up stage. Told about ancient time in order to fill Ming Lan’s perspective to everybody daughter of be the concubine is in deep curtilage in courtyard from demand the life scrupulously, it is OK to grow the husband of take charge of a department alone advocate the mother’s story.

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Grow in this in the story, grow as what fill Ming Lan, have the plan that comes from one’s own young woman to be her a way of escape, the earnestly and tirelessly that comes from Mrs Cheng Jialao is taught, the backside that comes from marital Gu Tingye supports. A lot of truths in drama can say is Gu Jin general. Among them perforative the no more than of complete theatrical work is ” parental fondling, do it plan far-reaching ” . Today, this truth as before general. Parenting person, the sun that is born from the child rises, the plan is made after been in those who be the child. The child that the parental no more than that loves the child is him hope all the way downwind downstream ground steps down. But in drama no matter be stepmother Xiaoqin, or fine into the county advocate mother, it is the fault is used in the process method, it is not only satisfy blindly, blindly doting, still include not to seek the child’s opinion, force the thing that oneself had considered as on child body, get the end of a be utterly isolated finally. Accurate method should be used while this also tells us to love the child, cannot blindly doting, control. If parents wants filial lifetime go well, not be pure side he blocks all affliction, want church however how does he face hardship, after only he was carried out truly, ability grows. So, parenting person also should know let go, give the child time, allow the travel before themselves learns.

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