Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Direct Tian Zhuangzhuang: Hope reopen monarchs a cinema line, relatively free and small numerous

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Had patted ” pilfer horse thief ” ” La Fengzheng ” ” Xiaochengzhi spring ” ” Wu Qingyuan ” etc piece Tian Zhuangzhuang from 2009 ” wolf calamity is written down ” later had not served as a director to pat again for years piece, shared many gramophone records as supervise the manufacture of and actor however. 2020, what he has a director is new piece ” twitter chirp ” , adapt from A city ” tree king ” , at present the film still is in in making. “It is very good all the time that I follow the end of the year of A city so much, other two Wang Dou were patted, with respect to remnant ” tree king ” . Have a period of time I return special infatuation cartoon, want ” tree king ” pat animation. I also had looked for a lot of people to should be patted a little what kind of. Still feel cartoon does not pass later addiction, still get true tree to just have power quite, have specially good effect is done. This is the seed more than 10 years ago. Later also is particularly accidental side when the person does supervise the manufacture of, doesn’t yourself be askinged want to take a motion picture again? I say I can be unable to call to mind partly temporarily what to pat, a thing can be patted, but pat very hard, namely ” tree king ” . The machine that stops at the beginning of this year January, be cut, I also do not know future can appear what kind of. Want to had patted this what hold out arduous gas really. My this individual takes the sort of thing that does not know why to be patted technically, everybody sees go and belief do not understand, but I feel quite interesting, went up in a thing with respect to the axis, ” tree king ” also be this.

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It very when resembling my jump the queue, the sort of heaven and earth, the stranger of the place that you do not know, go up with that land all things are new sense, contact slowly to you, produce harmonious, conflict with them, final was to produce yourself. I feel particularly interesting. ” the film environment that speaks of instantly, tian Zhuangzhuang expresses, as the director, he very Sikesaisi objects understanding horse fourth · free power idea, also hope home can have lines of another a courtyard, opposite freedom, technicality, small numerous. I see equestrian fourth · Tan Manwei touchs Sikesaisi quite, the film still may get realer point, have more lead an import, what perhaps I say is not all, but I still feel the film at you at me too too divine, important, it is the creation configuration of our lifetime associate with, the likelihood asks the meeting is a bit slashing. I hear the whole nation has 60 many achieve cast, I hope to be able to have lines of another a courtyard really, opposite freedom, technicality, small numerous, develop in each provincial capital or economy there is in the city. Should let the film arrive in our life, is not we go in the film. A lot of people are not understanding film, it is understanding cinema. Let the film go in the world, it is the transmission with the culture best today configuration to China. It is the transmission with the culture best today configuration to China..

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