Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Plum ask Li Yitong calls younger brother and sister or little one’s mother’s sister now, it is dreamy linkage really I have a place really to their position in the family hierarchy now foolish foolish cent is not clear, but like Ai Qing what I feel Wu Bai is true very much, hope next gut can sweet, li Yitong is too good-looking really.

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I feel Wu Bai’s heart is thinking for certain, such problem still is used ask, my foolish elder brother, it is much better to call younger brother’s wife directly, call younger brother’s wife, you owed my money to need not be returned.

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[plum showing story is probably such] Ding Ning ” sword dynasty ” he is small the aunt is mixed unexpectedly Han Shangyan ” dear, have deep love for ” his cousin Tan Lian loved sadness of urge again and again to arrive between one night white hair

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Han Shangyan also feels he is too difficult then, his have one’s head shaved turns fine into countryside ” if see first,life is like ” devoted into revolution, he comes home again after revolution is successful begin appraisal antique, eventually, become rich drug otherwise ” the bureau in antique bureau ” luxuriant face about. Money had, literary youth Liang Zhengwen ” romance 1980 ” begin to yearn for love again, result, be harmed heart ash again in love meaning is cold…

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Finally, he discovers: ” 11 when remain ” still still be alone actor plum shows! So, ask great keep an eye on the work that actor plum is about to meet with us now: ” the bureau in antique bureau ” ” romance 1980 ” teleplay ” if see first,life is like ” the individual confuses your drama ” 11 when remain “

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