Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Saicheng head talk ” Tang Tan 3 ” design clue, express to accept audience criticism, want to realize Great Harmony Chen Saicheng head talk ” Tang Tan 3 ” design clue, express to accept audience criticism, want to realize Great Harmony to be able to say the audience is going before the cinema, anounced huge to expect to this work, but from the audience people in echo, we can know, this work did not make everybody satisfactory, because drama of a few paragraphs of feeling was added forcibly in this case, do not accord with ” Tang Tan ” series whole journey is high-energy the set of crack a criminal case.

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And a few in facing this work are worth everybody’s thoughtful detail, after directing Chen Saicheng to also be shown in the film, answered the question of the audience first:

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And the director also expresses, she is the character of a Yi Zhengyi evil, the other one side that resembling is Qin Feng is same, resemble since ancient times divine evil spirit is reading aloud only between, and she is that can one language sleeps lightly the person of dreamboat, became the crucial person that saves Qin Feng.

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And in the film, we also can know, because feel the standard that this world tries is inequitable,the meaning that they exist is, so they want to carry their kind, overthrow whole world, establish an age that belongs to oneself later like that. 3. Cross Bian Sheng’s one’s life experience

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Actually this also is a director when taking this work, want the implication that brings to all of us, although the war leaves us now this time, had gone very far, but do not represent a war to did not happen in the past, also had not forgotten on behalf of these victims once painful. 4. ” Tang Tan 4 ” whether preparing

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The netizen also pointed out a series of insufficient, especially design of a lot of clues is unreasonable.

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Where is Chen Saicheng? Accept all criticism, and be in later, also can consider the think of a way of the audience, the hope can accomplish Great Harmony truly, it is so in the work later, the idea that also can allow oneself becomes more simple, hope everybody can continue to expect follow-up work. Collect inform against

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