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Original title: Xiao Zhanxin drama decides archives once more, partner ” explode paragraph goddess ” Yang Zi, already deferred last year change file twice Nowadays ” 3.15 ” always; Had jumped archives two ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” formal Guan Xuan decides archives; Chose to decide archives to broadcast in this special date; Can say everybody had expected this theatrical work very long time;

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Its from 19 years formal November kill blueness; Also had two years of time of half till nowadays; Among its jump for many times archives invites an audience people already very but; After all the men and women of this drama advocate it is everybody the ten actresses that entertain in installment.

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Do not cross this ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” formally Guan Xuan undertakes showing between lake mango stage; It is undoubtedly very the business that makes a person happy; In this special date; Believe this drama anthology also won’t be laid aside once more;

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And from most when beginning this drama to film; A lot of origianl work pink and actor pink are already clinking expect; The disappointment of a few also had been experienced among; But everybody did not abandon the expectation to drama anthology as before; Look with Alele below about ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” decide a few topics of archives nowadays.

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1.” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this drama anthology is in the information that decides archives formally 19 years to leave formally when patting; Had had a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch to pay close attention to ceaselessly now; Because Xiao Zhan adds this kind of collocation of Yang Zi; A bit what belong to real dispute to often be worth to be expected;

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Two people the top class discharge that nowadays is now; Additionally one is outstanding close inspect queen; Two people match together nature is to let the place that everybody expects most; After passing to kill blueness formally in drama anthology; What everybody also experienced a few times is disappointed; Jump ceaselessly after all archives lets everybody have some of ascertain adventitious; This drama anthology still cannot undertake meeting with everybody.

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Of course this kind of concern also is redundant; After all drama anthology and actor are done not have any problem; And in this drama; It is to began to perform for everybody likewise sweet the work that bestows favor on a type;

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Although homebred nowadays drama is medium; Sweet appear very hard what bestow favor on a type one explodes igneous theatrical work; But ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” drama edition also did not follow the gut in origianl work novel is same; Increased the place of the conflict of a few inside however.

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Leaving bureau when; Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi two people undertake meeting with dating means; Began to jubilate after encounter of enemy open mode; The every time dialog between two people walks definitely on the thunder dot of the other side with respect to essence of life;

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Can say to also become convention sweet those who bestow favor on drama is germinant; But ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” not be merely such; Because the key of its name is to depend on ” survive ” in these two words; What is just called ” survive ” ?

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Go up in prospective road namely actually; Someone leaves somebody to go; As female advocate the trough that Yang Zi also encountered life in drama; Her father left in the world; And originally male friend also chose to part company with him; This paragraph of gut also began to break before sweet bestow favor on mode;

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And female advocate this kind of experience; After also doing it, mix male advocate between spend survive to bury in all played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story; First the sweet type after cruel; Between associate with alternant; Namely the biggest hotspot to this drama.

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After pink of a lot of origianl work sees the gut brief introduction of this drama actually; Meeting those who represent the plot of a play to alter is to have a few too big; Nevertheless this also is very normal thing; Be pure kind after all is sweet bestow favor on drama; It is to do not have method to be in really too much attention is gained in this times nowadays;

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Of course the actor’s discharge is added hold; This ability is nowadays the attention point with this drama main part; But this sweet bestow favor on drama; Still want to will live to rise with growing overlay; Let everybody grow together with the actor in therewith.

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2.Of two great actors add hold, ” survive ” sure it is to explode a friend that if ask,pays close attention to this drama undoubtedly; Ask why he pays close attention to ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” because resemble battle,believing major person can reply is or Yang Zi; Because of these two actors each over placing; It is the person that is worth to be expected very;

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The nature that resemble battle is need not say more; Before each his work was become explode paragraph; Last year ” fight Luo Daliu ” more undertook 3 times in CCTV annulus sow; Belong to solid the top that is be worthy of flows.

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Although resemble battle before because of a few negative event; Brought about itself to also having the presence of a lot of black pink; But also can see Xiao Zhan still is having extremely tall person to enrage nowadays; Teleplay heated up the sheet that sow a list of names posted up before one Feburary; Before the drama anthology of the main actor that resemble battle undertook the whole thing 6;

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Enough sees the force that gets him very outstanding; And before ” ace army ” ; Be about very quickly also to undertake the 2nd round was sowinged once more; Can say the Xiao Zhan nowadays is domestic teleplay domain ” close inspect an emperor ” .

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Person gas of Xiao Zhan is such tall; Female advocate Yang Zi also is not differred likewise; This ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” original book is tasted even if with female advocate the story that the first perspective will come to to tell about a few sweetness;

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Female advocate show share nature is most important; And Yang Zi is to bring everybody more outstanding work ceaselessly likewise in last few years; For instance ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” dear; Those who have deep love for ” etc; Explode into what sow for heat work of money theatrical work.

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And last year the end of the year when Yang Zi and Jing Bairan cooperate ” female psychology division ” was to be spent by pretty good attention likewise; Two people act the leading role such outstanding; Pardonable also everybody can await the arrival of this drama anthology all the time; Believe to be able to reject without the person by fine actor deductive work of anthology of outstanding theatrical work;

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” survive ” between jump ceaselessly archives; Also be a kind thick amass the position of thin hair; So everybody awaits drama anthology to leave formally now it is good to sow; Believe Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi these two actors; Won’t make everybody disappointed.

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Be in at present this time paragraph in; Actually ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” competitive pressure also is very powerful; Although be above actor and IP; This drama is having a lot of to deserve the place of attention;

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But can follow ” survive ” the drama anthology that contends each other; Also beginning to decide archives in succession at present; It seems that this year March; Be homebred drama ” the battle of apotheosis ” ; Continue to look to decide the work of other and homebred drama of archives about the near future with respect to He Lefeng below.

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3.The other and homebred drama that the near future decides archives lets nowadays ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” the strong opponent that this drama feels most puissant; Be Ren Jialun’s main actor actually ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ; This drama anthology decided archives to be in March 17 when leave formally sow;

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The person energy of life nowadays is in Ren Jialun country is only battle of second Yu Xiao; And before he is ministry department explodes likewise paragraph; ” Zhou Shengru reason ” this work invites an audience people the story that enjoyed a cruel to love once more; Can say home can be with Xiao Zhan on person energy of life than what go all out; Also hold the post of Jia Lun only.


And among them female Zhu Dili is hot cling to; Person energy of life is not low likewise; Be in before ” 3 unripe sansei ” the Bai Fengjiu in series this part; already very outstanding;


Regard myth of an ancient costume as the drama anthology of the type; Opposite at common sweet bestow favor on drama may more absorbing; So ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” probable namely ” survive ” the biggest persistently enemy; Of course everybody can look together; Also need not say turkey to one and bazzard to another.


Besides ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” besides; Still having ” the princess of shadow emperor ” already formal also calm archives; Although this drama anthology is drama of a net; But among them gut set also very let a person feel curious; Because of it the men and women advocate feeling; Set became a kind contemporary medium ancient costume drama;


Male advocate itself is emperor of a shadow; After memory was being lost outside be being cared about nevertheless; In thinking oneself are ancient time too teach; And female advocate the princess that is him; Place so that to female advocate reverent and respectful; In all sorts of a few peculiar move were made in the circumstance.


This one ” the princess of shadow emperor ” be likewise on the set of gut very novel; It is a kind to will act in a play the life was changed a few; And when its also decided archives to be in 16; The friend that have fun at can pay close attention to;


Anthology of a drama; It is after be being inspected by two, act the leading role together ” the heart is resided ” ; The title after two people ever had obtained Haiqing and Tong Yao to inspect; And the outstanding masterpiece of two people is tasted also be very much; Be told only from the actor’s battle array; These two main actors let everybody pay close attention to this work with respect to enough.


And whole ” the heart is resided ” story; It is a few stories that live in husband’s family around the son’s wife that marries outside the move; Also be very agree with instantly audience people a few lives; Drama anthology also decided archives to be in seventeen to leave formally nowadays sow;


Can say nowadays March; Be it is numerous and worth while to having expectant drama market is awaiting everybody to watch; Of course after everybody or need see each drama market; Ability discovers he likes which work most quite; So everybody views these drama market together first.

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4.Terminal nowadays ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” already formal calm archives; And Xiao Zhan also has been entered group ” that sea in the dream ” this new theatrical work; The drama market that this year Xiao Zhan still has a few to be worth to be expected very is waited for sow; Believe Xiao Zhan can be become as before this year most earn receive an inspected actor;

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The development after at that time; Resemble battle or want way is great break through oneself; After all he still has strength of a few acting is not very solid; On the road that continues to promote to a high office; Promote oneself to just take what the top flows firmly likely hard only.

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Yang Zi also begins nearly two years to seeking transition ceaselessly; In film domain its go out acted ” Chi Hushu is unripe ” , ” I and my home town ” etc; And be returned this year cooperated together with Wang Qianyuan ” hunt poison ” this work; Drama anthology respect also gradually begin him breakthrough before figure;

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Of course this kind of way is more painful still; After all at the outset Yang Zi had been broken through in the process that grow; This time should grow the likelihood a little a few; But still hope Yang Zi can continue to bring everybody outstanding work; So everybody is expecting together.

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Good, today about ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this drama anthology decides a few messages of archives formally to introduce this to had ended; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention A Le Le finally.

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