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Original title: Gold fever a list of names posted up bully screen the Cenozoic Era

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Comment on Li Yitong / my times, your times / Ai Qing

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Comment on in ” my times, in your times ” Li Yitong personate the leader of a sports team of group of battle of athletics of a robot, once also was the fokelore of great mind class with this very fierce domain. To Li Yitong, the difficulty with this the largest part is to be on emotional play not just, how personate case of one individual character is brave and firm and persistent of invincible ” beautiful magnolia ” female contest hand is a difficult problem as much. But leave after sowing, li Yitong proved with his actual strength Xiaobai spends a face to also can act ” beautiful magnolia ” , it is aspire not only country of win honour for warm blood and the incisively and vividly that self-confidence conveys, still comprised with Hu Yitian ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad unify ” the sweetest Cp, let an audience shine at the moment, breathe out continuously satisfy a craving. Wang Anyu / my times, your times / Shen Zhe

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Comment on Gulina to plunge into / skirt of the Neon since wind / library surname coloured glaze

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Comment on ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” it may be said is the closest limelight does not have the ancient costume drama of two, be equivalent to heroine Gu Lina plunging into after becoming silent a few years reappear make. These two years, the Gulina that broadcasts without new work is plunged into seemed to had faded out of popular eye shot slowly, just when everybody is right her ” be missing ” when feeling curious, the new work that this top that awaits a long time sorts goddess to taking her again is strong the field of vision that entered everybody. Her this partner makes Wei Zhou, performed a big Tang Lang to overflow theatrical work of love encourage sign. In this drama, gu Lina is plunged into revise sweet former days figure, a red fastens Tang Dynasty dress, make whole person clever while gas is threatening much a few minutes majestic and composed. In this drama, gu Lina plunged into the girl that personate has the talent that make the clothing extremely to know uncommon young person namely hero Pei Hangjian, two people experienced the tactics combat of royalty jointly, gradually each other unripe good impression generates emotive story, the old practice of the justice in the heart is defended below Kuang Futian together. Although gut is done not have so try to be unique, but the teleplay that adapts as big IP, what can nod at still can be being encircled for other ancient costume theatrical work is compare in logic and setting respect photograph. And the acting that Gulina plunges into also is in this drama show went out need not before at the same time, go up in performance administrative levels not only further upward, be in in all affection respect, also be progress flying. Let a person can’t help plainting, the top flows even if the top flows, move anyhow, it is outstanding an excellent work. Lin Yi / exquisite / yuan one

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Comment on go year old ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” , let hero Lin Yi get teleplay not only the nomination of optimal hero, still make him successful from Jie of a Jie anonymous young actor is recumbent going to everybody to public praise before. After that, lin Yi is used ” good time of beautiful scene in a good day ” , ” exquisite ” , ” former times has glazed tile ” wait for the effort that sowed drama to prove he goes up in actor road and manner 3 times. And from what broadcast at present ” exquisite ” look, ability is full Lin Yixian of 22 years old is to do not have disappoint audience to expect to his like that. Current Lin Yizheng is in slowly from the network small sweet the theatrical work of movie and TV of type subject matter with the more substantial trend in drama, add at present he was not sowed first two drama of fire, the route of the actor that believes him can go more steadily certainly. As have apparent some type actor, congenital figure and temperament are pair of joint parts not only help strength, going up somehow also is a kind of confine of pair of other parts, alleged water can carry a boat can Fu boat, want to break through the style with the new challenge with constant ego to try different type, those who be about hard to had exercised oneself ” ability in swimming ” , the billow in the strength that lends water is forward. Cheer! Young actors! Gold broker already was entered now be stationed in today’s top headlines | A bit information | Penguin media

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