Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: 5 heat with near future highest heat sow drama, if you had looked among them 3, your eye is really then right

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Stay up late to just brushed 8 collect yesterday evening ” my times, your times ” , gut is very interesting, robot fistfight lets a person very easily really burn with righteous indignation. Basically told about the brigade of the youth that pursues a dream, think win honour for is the country target, the story that baffle and solves what encounter love, friendship, close situation. This drama built a romance, affectionate, enthusiastic fond dream. Handsome male belle, pursue a dream hand in hand, sweet light again. Small sweet drama adds a dot to pursue a dream energy, do not output value by the head, not pure scatter candy without the head, the volume is strong just, look at quite comfortable. Lead of male and female is right, expect a bit from the back. Li Yitong, hu Yitian’s closest drama anthology is very much, acting is very good. Feel very good play. 2. ” dark love. South tangerine unripe the Huaihe River “

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3. ” my small I hope truly “

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4. ” goddess arrives “

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This drama is leaving bureau conceal campus force namely with the laugh of Lin Zhou Beijing, arrived 33 collect when, the behavior that such campus is violent choking began to appear again. Nevertheless this drama is not to tell about campus force completely, pass however campus suffers violently now cruel person the capacity will uncover this incident, told about certain characteristic of human nature from which, so gut has a lot of sth. worth seeing or reading. Although here is love it is masterstroke, but the close affection inside and friendship also are exceedingly moving. 5. ” run quickly to love “

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