Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Too much drama can visit this month! The male god such as town of Jin Laiyuan, Cao Chengyou, Song Zhong radical, Li Rui is returned to!

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Again theatrical work of new round of Han was raided in Feburary, small make up also help everybody had arranged the theatrical work that should sow next, what does everybody prepare to want to chase after next? Jin Laiyuan, Li Duoxi acts the leading role, tell about because of the pool that have special capacity and pursues and attack five (Jin Laiyuan is acted the role of) , the gumshoe of serious case set that writes down exclusively with him has cold (Li Duoxi is acted the role of) the plot with collective tremendous antagonism, and spread out violent act to pursue and attack battle.

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Cui Jiangji, Li Rui, Jin Yingguang acts the leading role, telling about is the Ni of carry on one’s shoulder of 37 years old of women that love, job, dream becomes insipid no matter, the what 20 years ago to encounter suddenly to not be afraid of, very enthusiastic to all things oneself, because of the growing story that this cured associate with pain to comfort.

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Cao Chengyou, Piao Xinhui acts the leading role, tell about art of talent engineer Han Tai (Cao Chengyou is acted the role of) the conceal one’s identity on the world that tries to open us and the life up to now actual figure, and the Jiang Ruihai of the person that come to help with take a risk to make difficult for him (Piao Xinhui is acted the role of) , the mysterious science fiction that two people place spreads out is itinerary.

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of Li Zhiya, Jin Suyan, Liu Zhen, Yan Jijun, Shen Enqing, Feng Taikui, Yin Zhong, plain Yan Shuo acts the leading role, the first season is achieved ceaselessly close high inspect, ending more bury a lot of foreshadowing, because this the 2nd season also suffers fully,expect. This season is told about can become only to defend children evil of female female people mix together avenged story.

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Drama of * KBS Jin Yao ” Dear.M ” : Broadcasted on Feburary 26 act the leading role in , Piao Huixiu, Pei Xiansheng, Lu Zhengyi, for network drama ” love broadcasts list (the four seasons) ” outspread drama.

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