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Original title: Theory ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” self-discipline – Ga father has a word to say –

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The collocation of Guo Qilin and Song Yi, can’t help letting a person remember ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” medium Fan Saizhe, Fan Rere younger brother of this pair of sister. Leaving early before sowing, many netizens say frankly, sister younger brother runs sweethearts, it is a bit difficult to accept! For instance Zhao Ke is in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in the willow aunt mother of personate, of the close woman that is Fan Saizhe, Fan Rere hind mother, arrived ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in, her personate female advocate revive wingceltis mother, namely male advocate Ning Yi’s mother-in-law.

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Gut leaves piece use ” play says ” means replaced origianl work in pass through element: So, the fetch that this is Zhang Reyun passed through on Guo Qilin body, does He Songyi talk about amative story? (Fan Jian, your home the relation of these 3 children is really enough chaos ah ~ )

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Press a truth for, person energy of life of Guo Qilin deserves to go up ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” of the the old cast add hold, be audience love to see and hear ” bright ” drama subject matter, appropriate of this drama appropriate is explode paragraph ah. The banana of follow-up anger is clear: The plan is passed by P, but in those days ” did not consider female reader ” it is true.

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It is early nevertheless when play creation, can peek drama just is opposite of origianl work alter greatly. Quited origianl work in male advocate numerous emotional line, let a men and women only advocate one’s whole life one two-men, other female although exist as before,match, but and male advocate blameless, be confined to the identity of female bosom friend.

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Go up filial piety is parental, children teachs love below. Can boil cate, behoove effect internal affairs. Not pink of attend to origianl work, after changing greatly ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” can you get woman audience again again ” favorite ” ? If sheet is developing Guo Qilin to be like the Duan Zi like inphase sound then, that or license with. In fact, having audience of quite a few really is developing him to come.

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But if say,be to developing gut to come, that or province save worry, not necessary. Same, female bosom friends of Ning Yi, also begin to be set from the person of self-made female strong person, become gradually should recumbent male advocate peace accomplish sth of round ability of son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents.

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No matter the catchword in drama cries more to ring,shine so, as long as fine fine consider, can seeing it is an empty shell only just. If you are feeling of fan of opera of fan of opera of comedic Sha Diao, pure bright, talk 10 class lover, this drama can shut an eye to enter, after all Guo Qilin comes on the stage, take comedic Buff oneself, male advocate golden finger leaves quite greatly, and men and women advocate candy is scattered quite sweetly quite true also. ▼

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