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Original title: Judge · ” Shaanxi person art ” ” white Lu Yuan ” cannot do forever ” faithful origianl work “

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“Shaanxi person art ” if drama ” white Lu Yuan ” one begin, the land of 2 mus of water that Bai Jiaxuan uses him below the notarization of cold gentleman exchanged land of 2 mus of gentle slop. This also is the does not call glazing exclusively bright open and upright matter in Bai Jiaxuan lifetime, there is one trunk of a tree in the slow sloping field that because he is changed,comes ” Bai Lu ” . Transparent gauze act is pulled open, the story on white Lu Yuan was pulled open at this point prelusive. 3 grow half hours when the show, the whole journey of dim lamplight permeate of massiness, actor all with Shaanxi dialect show, the huge caption screen on arena is flashing the Bai Guang of dense. And, much important information passes in a belt in the dialog, for instance Hei Wa disrelishs the bridge with Bai Jiaxuan too hard back paragraph. What this word made clear Hei Wa adequately is stubborn be opposite with in one’s heart of old value rebel, after also forming Hei Wa at the same time the motive of a series of actions. This is having detailed matting in origianl work, but be taken however in the modern drama and pass, plus Shaanxi word actor’s lines, to watching origianl work audience character, may produce certain obstacle to the understanding of gut.

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Whether faithful origianl work is each soul that adapts work to want to face torturous, the answer of the problem wants to inspect a condition and be decided. To ” white Lu Yuan ” such grand piece for monumental work, illicit think to be compared at to the clue reductive, will braid a clue to make afresh according to thematic conception each place clue all has point to clearly, the made stage show that suits a few hours more will be very good. Perhaps discover from inside origianl work new point of view is elaborated with trying dramatically, the extract in perhaps abstracting origianl work again tries to adapt, also can yet be regarded as revises strategy another kind. Those who make a person regretful is, although use 3 half hours to tell story haste,was over now, let the mist in person cloud however in. Although be opposite of the story unscramble can have polysemy, but not be to pretend to be profound absolutely. After the show ends, applause prolonged does not cease, actors are maintaining bow pose to leave entirely till the audience all the time in the behind the curtain. Come from this angle say, work ought to be successful. Can say only, artistic itself is subjective, opinions differ from each other. – Jian – the small Aries that pluvial booth looks up at sky only matchs a graph to use for accredit of stage photo classics have catch · and happiness to produce relation More: Interview · Jiang Rui is asked for | The animated Bai Jiaxuan everybody that I just think to reveal Chen Zhong solid the wording and purpose of what one writes talks · to be in dramatically the strategy of special period | Mix on the line the spot, challenge or the opportunity talks about · ” break a hand this city ” it is paranoiac that | strands the person in him belief feeling talk about · ” Apollo Buddhist nun inferior ” | It is the melodrama show that time sees dripping wet of a merry and lively in bistro enter a theater delicately | Before I am watching operatic show, connect regular meeting what to do to prepare Sang Ji of Zhang Aijia | add Zhang Jinhao | Tong Xin Yu | Ding Yiteng | Yang Yi history depends on great | Lin Huaimin | Yellow handsome amount to ” midnight drum ” | ” bald-headed song daughter ” | ” Othello ” great theater edition ” pillow tribal chief ” | Contemporary theater edition ” await fruit Tuo ” – incorporeal editorial office – school draft: Miss Helen&Lucifer&Vane chief editor: Make A Qiu of An Qi &

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