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Original title: View ” arousal time ” : Touch mental ablution of the soul, conceive clever art to appear Just broadcast a few collect, the writer seems accepted the mental severe test that touchs the soul. This is an an excellent work of revolutionary history subject matter that has higher artistic quality inaccessibly really.

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” arousal time ” Li Dazhao stage photo. Setting frame frame is reductive, scene of society of the hundred China year ago regards high emersion as teleplay of subject matter of history of a heavy great revolution, the reductive level to the history is crucial to the quality influence of work. ” arousal time ” achieved the perfection with frame reductive frame almost in reductive history respect. We see, arrive greatly in drama at that time the building of time, small the dress to the character, or business suit, or aba, subdue the metallic button that go up to have time feeling quite even; Arrive greatly the jujube in the courtyard, small the paper to magazine company, no matter be size or material,pledge, go after former juice rigorous and raw ingredient, authentic.

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” arousal time ” Chen Duxiu stage photo.

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Film gimmick is clever, the thematic an excellent work of level of art of a freeboard and before drama of revolutionary history subject matter is different, ” arousal time ” broke through convention film gimmick, used noveller expressive means to elaborate gut, or metaphor, or acid, make the artistic expression strength of this drama increases all the more. When the first collect is terminal, the Chen Yan in dock part-work and part-study system year when drinking water an ant free captive animals in the bowl, behaved the compassionate heart of this progress youth. Before long hind, “Ant ” on the speech stage that appears in Chen Duxiu to be in institute of Shanghai shake dawn again, it mounts climb down on Chen Duxiu’s mike. The small ant that this climbs in disorder only, symbolizing it seems that the confused students below the stage, youths, chen Duxiu’s speech is to be in for them how-to direction. Be like,be born ants and mole crickets, should have lofty ambition! Zhang Yongxin’s director uses puppy this kind to convey work accumulate the gimmick of meaning, in ” arousal time ” in have much place. For instance Li Dazhao helps a pair of parents in street child when going to a hospital seeing a doctor, a monkey appears suddenly in camera lens, expressional desolate, helpless, resemble extremely at that time apathetic spot masses. Be in ” arousal time ” in a such thematic teleplay, can use montage technique so outstandingly unexpectedly, exclamatory letting a person at the same time, we also must admire bold innovation of Zhang Yongxin. In addition, ” arousal time ” narrative rhythm is lively, art, photography, inspect the respect such as effect, actor’s lines spotless, show the picture like the film to feel character even.

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