Tue. Oct 4th, 2022
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Original title: Be held in both hands by filar Ba force why to make end an agreement? Beginning and end of disturbance of graceful of fine number yellow graceful As one paper court decision, the dispute of end an agreement of Huang Tingting and filar Ba also had big final result: Huang Tingting needs to continue to fulfill with the agreement between medium of Ba of broker company silk, at the same time her all countercharge requests to be rejected entirely by the court.

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Who is a lot of people understand Huang Tingting not quite. She is the member of person energy of life of SNH48, once waited to be located in the TOP3 of SNH48 year total run-off jointly with Ju Jing Dai , Li Yitong.

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Just as one would expect, after the court decision gives heat as a result the following day, the put together that Huang Tingting should attend surely formerly art program ” chase after light elder brother ” complete cancel all camera lens of Huang Tingting, allow authority the awe force of deep feeling law.

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And across, once the person such as the Ju Jing Dai that resource is defeated by Huang Tingting, Li Yitong, taking the advantage of resource of yellow graceful graceful however become silent period realized tortuous path overtake. Ju Jing Dai goes out one after another acted ” flexibly fragrant Fei ” , ” Mu Nazhi ” etc big female advocate play, li Yitong also has ” float world Shuang Jiao is passed ” , ” dusk is white head ” collect waiting for drama broadcasts, two people returned the near future to release EP early or late, career progress it may be said is downwind downstream.

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A lot of netizens say, if Huang Tingting did not make end an agreement, a lot of resource or meeting give Huang Tingting. The posterity of very much even now SNH48 also exceeded Huang Tingting instead in person energy of life, this end an agreement is undeserved really. To the place of behavior of end an agreement and instantly, are you how look?

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