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Original title: Tong Yan’s couple returns to stage photo, the Tong Nian after marriage shows maturity, change of hairstyle of Han business character was done not have inside flavour! And be Li Yitong holds the position of a main actor with Hu Yitian this in drama, this also follows to combination ” Tong Yan’s couple ” raise a key point euqally, having be worth CP assume personal command to Gao Yan so, cannot miss of course.

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Stage photo of hair of rich of official of regression of Tong Yan’s couple still has most of surprise letting a person is, be in ” dear loves truly ” in, this ” Tong Yan’s couple ” still can return to, before plum gues-star now with Yang Zi, what still pat is bridal show share, this is ticked off thoroughly had an audience people interest. Strong ” Tong Yan’s couple ” regression, this drama must be chased after. Tong Yan’s couple is this ” dear loves truly ” medium the biggest hotspot ah, yang Zi follows plum showing regression added higher temperature for this leap undoubtedly.

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The Tong Nian after marriage shows maturity to see this one Zhang Tongnian’s stage photo first, yang Zi gues-stars this time ” dear loves truly ” , the show share that she films is the show share after marriage, that is in before be compared on the appearance of an actor ” dear has deep love for ” in mature.

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Yang Zi is plunged into removed horsetail, still poke bang, temperament is different before this follows. Before the Tong Nian after marriage was done not have, the sort of soft bud feels lovelily, small make up when seeing stage photo, feel to have a place ” change flavour ” ah. Say me true or like previously that short hair, neat bang, the Tong Nian with soft clever bud. In ” dear loves truly ” in she plunges into a horsetail this time, this makes a person incommensurate really.

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Change of hairstyle of Han business character was done not have inside flavour before in ” dear loves truly ” in, plum the classical model when performing Han Shangyan now is the whole body black add big back head, this dress is worn, big back head combs, the flavour inside Han Shangyan came. But be in ” dear loves truly ” in, han Shangyan tastes a bit lesser.

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Come look one look this piece of stage photo, can see in this piece of stage photo Lixian is the dress of dress black as before, still walk along Han Shangyan ” black is ” wear build a style.

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Be in this time it seems that ” dear loves truly ” in Yang Zi follows plum showing model not quite but ah! Or before ” dear has deep love for ” medium modelling is good-looking, have the characteristic of the part very much.

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