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Original title: Net drama ” agree ” : See thematic subject matter had said ordinary life in net unripe content ” agreement ” do one’s best does away with inflexible impression, jump out the thinking formulary of thematic drama anthology, exploration gives the new way of a thematic youthful appearance, popularization.

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In ” the happiness that building comparatively well-off society in the round is party and country and people agrees ” below proposition of this one times, ” agreement ” hero of series unit theatrical work is carrier with the little agreement related the individual, reflected with oneself, with other, with the country ” agreement ” happy feeling, refractive home going abroad is some closer year development progresses, stereo change appeared to arrive from countryside city, arrive from the teenager senile, and the happy achievement that social all trades and professions celebrates comparatively well-off construction, represent the good view with prosperous motherland jointly.

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▍ ” 6 stories, 6 agreements ” for carrier, the innovation expression that explores thematic drama anthology faces this one real situation, ” agreement ” do one’s best does away with this one inflexible impression, jump out the thinking formulary of thematic drama anthology, exploration gives the new way of a thematic youthful appearance, popularization.

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Narrative level, ” agreement ” share 36 collection, each unit has the body amount of 6 collect, accomplished story theme to make clear, logic is clear, contented network end suffers numerous the demand with compact to drama anthology rhythm, concentrated hotspot, can saying is although spadger is small, completely of the five internal organs.

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This a series of the story is accommodated entirely in short in anthology of 6 part play, not only true depict street policeman holds to the principle that serves for people, the work that abandons small home to consider authority is day-to-day, present the small reduction of Chinese policeman; Still depend on its compact and the gut that ground connection enrages, refresh audience the acknowledge to thematic subject matter, the public praise result of collect letting drama is bit taller. Expressive level, ” agreement ” it is fixed position with thematic drama anthology, the expression that light comedy of have the aid of changes, have in Zhang Chi degree build the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that watch opera, highlight the net with drama natural market to lay gene. From specific appear in light of, ” youth always is stationed in ” the fixed position of this one unit drama is comedic, open business from Chen Changhai celebration was spilled by the accident a water, old souvenir makes up to Chen Changhai, to Chen Changhai the clue such as setting of a reductive native place, happen a variety of all be happy feeling dye-in-the-wood, bring unexpected Thespian concussion to feel to the audience.

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The level that make, the group retains on content creation the heart of an artisan. In film, the play staff takes very seriously to the professional knowledge that involves in drama, there are professional and technology in the behind the curtain before the stage add hold, assure drama anthology to feel in the true essence of technical level.

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Hu Zhifeng of vice secretary of Party committee of Beijing film academy, vice-president ever said, thematic work is nice, should have 4 ” have ” — gutty, come into stock, have makings, interesting, have namely take on and feelings, have philosophic theory and idea, have story and detail, want to be patted so that have interest. Will look from this, ” agreement ” or it is this ” 4 have ” an elephant of law appear, the structure with unit drama, compact model of narrative, comedic the expression that change, perpendicular domain professional undertake disperse the internal heat with sudorifics as innovation base point, accomplished in hold a thought concurrently to, artistic quality while do not break view and admire a gender, promoted the masses to be spent to the acceptance of drama anthology with love to spend, project for ligament with drama anthology old practice live to reality, let fall to the ground of drama anthology original intention. ▍ content range and thought deepness synchronism capture a title, the balance that seeks thematic subject matter and net to give birth to content is nodded as ” great river great river ” ” hill sea affection ” the anthology of public praise drama that waits for a series of surveyor’s pole type broadcasts in succession, farther drive up audience the aesthetic demand to thematic drama anthology, the admittance doorsill that also promoted this kinds of drama market. The key of broken bureau depends on wanting content range and thought deepness synchronism to capture a title not only, look for accurate thematic subject matter and net to give birth to the equilibrium point of content even. From ” agree ” the drill of anthology of this one drama dish in light of, can sum up a 3 big methodology.

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Hold in the high level, group that knows content dish below, ” agreement ” satisfy requirement of instantly user content definitely in essence of life while, the content that still promotes an user is aesthetic implement form of a flight of stairs upgrade. 2 it is content output carries young state, the sense of reality that blends in Everyman life in big event, great success, big project and be born feel, balance the output that domestic national condition conceives. The be fond of of joint network user and transmission rule, avoid content is coessential the mine field that change, cut the entrance with differring the story of dissimilation to regard as, young state carries on content theme, telling about individual the destiny with the times, and the name with the agreement, bore the weight of the general world affection such as the parental affection, affection of marital love, sibling, intimate affection, very exquisite on affection output true. Although these setting are common, but go up in affection expression however can word words and expressions sentence make moving heart, these general age feelings serve as hold contact sublimate to reach the home national affection, the generation that makes audience generation intense joins feeling and resonant move, reach let audience and times syntonic appeal to with high-quality goods content beg. 3 it is strategy of balance value output, accomplish ” lead do not cater to, edificatory is not homiletic ” .

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▍ with ” agree ” for new start, love is strange art continuously domain of outspread thematic content is current ” agreement ” had broadcasted half, as the be born of value of drama anthology content, what can see its found thematic network theatrical work is correct open way, it is the work of surveyor’s pole sex in domain of current thematic content, also be to love to surprise art a piece of when fulfilling social responsibility to go up representative calling card, to the content of platform future creation produced active content. In recent years, love is strange art all the time around layout of node of great conduct propaganda thematic subject matter, from early the creativity of new young person of Chinese head archives before watchs a program ” I and my motherland ” , abstain drama ” the action that break ice ” ” flight teenager ” broadcasting to instantly ” agreement ” , obtain broadcast well benefit. Visible, the experience that relies on these content IP is accumulated and public praise is added hold, love is strange art thematic content is entered new in round creation. Specific in light of, platform broadcasts key creation congratulatory found a party the network drama of hundred years ” that day ” , newsreel of network of the theme that help deficient up ” fatigue is born not regret ” , network newsreel ” hill, water, path ” , series network film ” Chinese example ” and ” green skin train, at the same time ” life if if see first ” ” traitor ” wait for red of a batch of inheritance the teleplay with gene, great and devotional greeting also is being prepared actively in making, will broadcast inside year. This also all without exception explains, love is strange art carrying a series of high-quality goods thematic content, some responsibility answer to take on as mainstream media since bear with times mission. Future, love is strange art net gives birth to thematic content IP to still can what innovation makes a way, wait and see what happens.

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