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Original title: Of gold battle array ” sweet ” , be defeated was in in dated feeling Instantly, the actor is right the addition of drama anthology temperature, be in it seems that trend is weak. Experience inflow-rate of water turbine is entered in disorder, authority of play bone speech carries after raising these two level, content character is excellent, became show heat of phases drama anthology the strongest prop up. High grade cast, appear to also can be perfected only, cannot provide timely help. In Feburary the middle ten days of a month, city affection drama ” sweet ” go up formally line, sheet looks from cast, this drama is provided quite ” popular photograph ” . You Haiqing, allow to present as leading role to act the leading role again, huang Zhizhong, Liu Wei, Hong Jiantao, piece is faced, benefit of He Saifei, Yue Yue, Tan Kai… ginseng of bone of many old show acts. Hit ” tall countryman is spent + play bone assume personal command ” assorted fist.

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And ” sweet ” the answer of dumb fire, in returning to drama anthology itself even, go searching. Middleaged ” Malisu ” will look from gut framework, ” sweet ” without be concerned about, without invert. Two market look but probably the panorama of witting drama anthology, calculate going up is ” sweet ” most bright idiosyncratic. In light of whole, ” sweet ” gut line can be divided roughly for one advocate one complementary two. But regretful is, of two gut line weave do not give prize. In masterstroke gut, the focus of the first collect, depend on modelling Tian Mi (sea Qing Dynasty is acted the role of) broad too the person is set, the marital Liu Deen that explains her (Chi Shuai is acted the role of) capital catenary ruptures, be about to have no way out this one setting. The focus of the 2nd collect, depend on Liu Deen sudden death, debt searchs one after another come to come, tian Mi from high-fed ” altar ” decline. After two collect pass, in setting Anacreontic below the case that turn, ” sweet ” began audience familiar to the ear formally can of detailed female advocate rally, hit all the way upgrade quite, the bright drama course of double bumper harvest of final undertaking love. So even if ” sweet ” to gut rhythm accuse to have original place quite, but the gut line of convention, inevitably will ” sweet ” push to ” invalid fast rhythm ” condition, gut trend all is in of the audience sentence beforehand in. Send out except gut line place outside the dated flavor that give, ” sweet ” fall into set pattern as much on conception in. Although drama anthology is in apparently, be around move the female grows will spread out. But in fact, ego arousal of the female, breakthrough grows is only in drama by like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply like flitted. Male side is helped up remain drive female advocate the main motive force with decay, progressive gut.

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Be in substantially, ” sweet ” be presented those who go out remain ” middleaged Malisu ” that one. Field of the female independence that can be down depth originally, duty lives topic of conference waiting for a company, accomplished only in drama be satisfied with a smattering of a subject. Why ” sweet ” move toward dumb fire? “Malisu ” and ” Jiekesu ” , do not be equal to did not come at doing not have. In homebred drama, can have each years ” Malisu ” of type small sweet drama kills a tight encirclement, ascend body year is popular drama makes range. ” a day of fortuitous discovery ” wait with ” Malisu ” ” dog blood ” the Han drama to sell a site, also be chased after frequently in home hold in both hands. In other words, gut set convention, do not mean was adjudged ” capital punishment ” , whether inside the frame in stale, play a tarry audience ” new pattern ” , just be crucial place. Very apparent, ” sweet ” fail get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, instead ” the mistake that can commit drama of all small fraction city ” , this basically is reflected in two respects.

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One of, in the suspension feeling that at mentioning city drama does not circle. Say marital Liu Deen of Tian Mi besides, show he is the boss of a poineering company for many times in drama, 5 capital of 100 million shed whatever one speaks, let a lot of audiences suck an air conditioning. With ” a little cause of 100 million ” the place that having different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, let an audience very hard produce self-identity to feel.

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Secondly, depend on the disorder of logistic line.

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In the meantime, from the point of visual effect, ” sweet ” simple sense is very coarse. “This drama resembles it seems that is pat 10 years ago ” ” the level that make and gut are same, dated, extremely vulgar ” suspension, logistic disorder, make coarse, 3 person addition, play bone increases the benign influence that maintains place to bring, also be gobbled up to danger almost. Explode the methodology of paragraph city drama in fact, the core that city drama is drama anthology territory all the time board piece. On one hand, new measure is much on its, often go out explode paragraph project. On the other hand, of base giant also make city drama is on quality the good and bad are intermingled, and coessential change an appearance serious. So high grade cast, halberd is folded in city drama, be not is unusual thing. Go up from essence in light of, the temperature that play work force can reach to city drama measures level, have conclusive effect.

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To nearly two years explode paragraph city drama undertakes tearing open solving, reach how city drama wins the methodology of masses heart not hard actually. One of, the sense of reality that depends on be born and can extend the topic sex that go out. Secondly, depend on make free with group picture. Although as in produce, but enter for ascend ” the madam is encircled ” and the Gu Jia that expends idea; Shanghai floats 10 years, do not become high low not Wang Manni; By the Zhong Xiaoqin that unfortunate marital nip is wrapping, made a fresh woman together group picture. At the same time the company meeting of the relatively deep acuteness such as class camp is inscribed, also conceal in among them. In hit different group layer in order to be the same as manage heart to suffer numerous while, also satisfied the seek novelty heart of the audience on certain level.

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” Dou Ting is good ” the old practice that although be,develops for core with a family, but the different view of every small home, also have the catholicity that comparative. “Honest person ” Su Mingzhe, gnaw the old Su Mingcheng, Su Mingyu that is affected by serious male light female thought all the time, it is the figure that passes careful write in an ornate style apparently. With photograph of all living creatures ” be convinced ” all living creatures, it is the dot of important hair force of city drama. Thirdly, depend on topic figure model.

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Whole looks, the course fumbles for years with dug, the road of the broken circle of homebred city drama, had comparatived clear. And in future, also be to explode certainly paragraph frequency goes out ” the ground that contends for surely ” .

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