Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Talk about the BG play that sees recently Core is gut nice gift is kingcraft, following is delay changes or BG did not concern. Must take recent homebred drama to look, basically take when hypnotic I talk about used BG theatrical work again a few.

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One when brush recently is bell Hanliang and Tan Songyun ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” , alas… then all gut spread out is around wear what this gist will design. As Hou the senior a general term for young women of father madam died due to illness, 11 younger sister replace the daughter of be the concubine that devises him arrangement next oneself, give again come a moral kidnap, want the cornstalk of of lineal descent of Hou government office that takes good care of she stays. Female 2 a lot of caustic that design circumvent heroine enrol jumping-off place, it is to should destroy her name part. Renown section can be the high frequency vocabulary in actor’s lines, every market appears, the Tang Dynasty appear like monk recite scriptures. Hero still has 3 concubine, anyhow female has a kind of very intense content to change a person to set in this drama.

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Still see Hu Yitian and Li Yitong at the same time ” my times, your times ” , be like probably perhaps is this drama name, actually former Li Xianhe Yang Zi performs the first why so red, I also do not understand, gut is very general also, but this very burnt I can understand, that is hotspot of it doesn’t matter really. Nevertheless, anyway inside amusement is big big such.

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