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Original title: He is noonday sunshine drama in ” be out on duty is led ” top performer, did not think of to a leader still is in reality ” great river great river 2 ” just sowed, ” hill sea affection ” receive grade again, as having ” classical gigantic make ” the noonday sunshine group that say, can say these two drama let everybody see their extraordinary again, take each theatrical work so that have sense of reality, every detail in drama it serves to show their intention, in their work, what everywhere sees is their intention to detail, just made the classic theatrical work of a ministry so

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We meet this group at first, still be probably from ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” the person that pretend ” begin, however ” battle Changsha ” ” north is smooth without war ” these also are outstanding teleplay likewise, we saw in these teleplay those true acting are sent not only, and there is not little familiar face in a lot of theatrical work that make in them

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“The success that pick part ” the work that also is them becomes classical key, and a lot of actors can be used repeatedly, have an actor among them, can saying to be in noonday drama is ” be out on duty is led ” top performer, there is his figure in almost noonday drama, he is of actor high mountain

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He is depended on ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” circle of movie and TV of make one’s bow, that moment still is hill shadow, let everybody remember truly or ” the person that pretend ” the Liang Zhongchun in, and depend on this part, “Successful ” perform a negative character successfully work, became the most classical costar actor, ” old farmer ” medium ” be on short commons ” allow authority up to now remain fresh in one’s memory, be in till later ” happy eulogy ” in the elder brother that depends on beauty of personate Fan Sheng, acting gets again everybody’s affirmation

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Probably he just gues-starred a few small parts, be in in those days ” parental love ” in, because come round explore him class good friend Ren Shuai, and was pulled forcedly by aperture sheng director a field, gues-starred a small part to still be identified by the audience however

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In saying he is noonday drama so ” be out on duty is led ” top performer, almost the figure that every drama in this group has him, be considered as best-selling costar by everybody, but some of minor minor role gues-stars in seeing his play in a few midday, its are a leader however in solid reality, him what be graduated from hill art with outstanding achievement in those days, be allocated after graduation courtyard of Shandong province modern drama works, hold the position of a group subsequently appoint secretary one duty, nowadays already is the member of association of artist of performance of Shandong province youth, also be the secretary-general of this association at the same time

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Although as the leader, but furtive he in is very low-key however, it seems that he was to be sent ” hellion gets stuck ” actor, he is one is depended on ” hellion ” the actor that has his moment with villain in drama, a lot of actors in he and noonday drama are same, rely on costar to have his moment successfully, this ability is true actor, although having ” leader ” honor, however all along external very low-key, very few somebody knows his true identity, such attitude just is true actor, not be

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