Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Divide Han theatrical work high, girl of youth of 34 years old of female main actors is not had violate and, see placard considers have a love affair

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And after a lot of people had looked, have same experience, although this teleplay is Han drama, but no matter be from character set, rhythm, even setting atmosphere, have the mark of drama of day type love, still say it is Han edition ” small forest ” , it is the sort of light sees stage photo, with respect to the teleplay that can fall in love with.

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Tell us in subtle story clue at the same time, the life should be accepted not only mix faultily misshapen, more want our tenderness in order to wait for, go embracing better life.

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She is bringing the capacity of daughter of a murderer namely, live in city, and metropolitan all along is inimical. Narrating female advocate this part when, atmosphere is heavier, but because want to build atmosphere painstakingly,also do not have, go aggrandizement conflicts dramatically, straight white incident is narrated, let see be bored with the person of dog blood gut, have friendly feeling more.

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In this teleplay male advocate, it is spoony part absolutely, dark those who love is female advocate full 10 years, the schoolgirl should like teleplay particularly in, about dark all sorts of detail scene that love, this should be to once had had dark the boy girl that loves experience, can the clue of understand tacitly, and story because male advocate silently expect, and become wonderful, let loner no longer cadaverous.

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Teleplay is medium at the same time, still have a lot of records in jotter only beautiful poetry, write down to begin to write or paint when camera lens this, condensing these affective words and expressions to be shown adagio when coming out, connect the person outside screen even, can experience the exquisite affection of gut go-between and sweetness.

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Only beautiful love story, if do not have the main actor of male and female of tall Yan Zhi to unravel, it is absolutely be short of regret greatly, and the men and women in this teleplay advocate dog of cruel of same Yan Zhi, the station is together with respect to can beautiful person one face.

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