Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Gao Xie ” holiday warm complacently ” an excellent work of perfect public praise receiving an official reputably quite abundant

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Last night, by Yao Xiaofeng hold guide, the home that Yao Chen, Bai Yu, Gao Xie acts the leading role light comedy of first He Sui ” the holiday is warm complacently ” receive an official satisfactorily. This drama leaves oneself heat is caused to discuss since sowing, no matter be concentrated,laugh at the character role with dot, full nature, or the actor is complete to the part those who spend is wonderful appear, have extremely strong appeal, especially the Tang Xuan of personate of high part of a historical period, the honey that help boudoir copes with broken bits male, feeling of rehabilitate of secondary attack friend, because of generous again the disposition that take on encircles pink countless, the netizen expresses in succession: “Want a Tang Xuan such unique boudoir is sweet ” . Gao Xie revealed to the audience with masterly acting generous the boudoir sweet figure that Sa enrages, also let an audience see she serves as infinite latent capacity of the actor. Generous boudoir honey suffers fully reputably the seaside deduces vogue to go vacationing wind is worn after building Tang Xuan to come on the stage oneself open guardianship boudoir sweet mode, when because feeling gets hurt,the license is depended on, tender all the time company is beside its; Honey of the boudoir that it is a side vents his anger angry rancorring broken bits male ruthless; One face inhospitality is when guardianship boudoir honey is not bullied by Cindy; The license is depended on sad when wanting to come home, the Tang Xuan that cannot buy airline ticket thinks charter flight answers Beijing even, gao Xie general this generous the incisively and vividly of boudoir sweet deductive of valiant, numerous netizen breathes out continuously: “I am short of such boudoir honey ” ” like Tang Xuan very much ” etc.

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Characteristic of part of explanation of intention of high part of a historical period is wonderful acting go up again new a flight of stairs

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