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Original title: Clever these year what to experience after all, can you let Tan Songyun be defeated by her? Teleplay ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” leave oneself after sowing, the netizen commends to his evaluation differ. Be changed by demon and the gut that is full of all sorts of unreasonable clues, male advocate facial ministry line of Zhong Hanliang is too frozen, look for the dress that is less than historical basis to wait a moment, became the point of the chamfer that be spat. However, by complimentary is not this a few years active what go up in screen is female advocate Tan Songyun, it is however in drama personate ” Luo Yuan’s woman ” of one horn clever.

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Even the netizen is spoken highly of clever the acting that is whole department theatrical work takes on, although this word passes praise, but in all fairness, clever the expressional appearance in drama relatively progressed really before many. If you had looked ” discriminate is passed ” , can remember Xia Dongchun certainly so this part. ” discriminate is passed ” what among them an extract is told about is Yong Zheng the male offspring below genu is too little, mother of an emperor and empress pick a surname after beautiful plan is substantial for its, so from a lot of official familial in the beautiful woman that chose many going out to carry, with discriminate , Shen Mei the person such as village, An Lingrong attends together anthology beautiful, still have Xia Dongchun.

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The Xia Dongchun with familial battle of be apt to of brave of Yuxiao of one’s previous experience, aggressive is rampant, blind self-confidence is in a flock of show female in particularly dazzling. Because of the disposition of beyond the mark make public, xia Dongchun became the eyesore of China the wife of a prince finally, be died by Gong Ci of one a unit of length, still fail to be in ” discriminate is passed ” in had gotten 3 market alive, this part got offline. And Xia Dongchun’s personate person not be others, just about clever.

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Because clever in ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” in excellent performance, have netizen for a special purpose Xia Dongchun this part is carried come out to make contrast with Luo Yuan’s woman, prove with this clever acting all the time pretty good, just lack big female advocate the part lets her give a group. This word says rightly, incorrect also. Cannot buy is denied, clever have acting, some earlier year also have the old leading lady that has given a group color, just be scolded to give a group. The teleplay that she ever was in and Liu Kai power acts the leading role together ” snow of 1000 hill dusk ” in one horn of personate Tong Xue, at that time clever it is so good now that posture did not resemble, the figure is not quite slim also, there always is the model of sweater in drama plus her, whole person looks very overstaffed.

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And Luo Yuan’s woman this role is different, although show share is not much, clever explain the marrow that gave this role however. Look above all from the appearance, husband can be done in ancient time advocate the mother’s woman, it is to have support of a married woman’s parents’ home certainly, oneself is quite able and virtuous also kind and gentle heart, must not have how beautiful.

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As to can receive big female advocate part, not be so important it seems that. Do not have greenery after all help line, which come of safflower delicate and charming? Search to fit oneself fixed position definitely only, clever act art career ability goes go well.

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