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Original title: Frontal drop kisses a woman, beneficial of Huang Xuan, Zhang Jia this ” beautiful drop very ” (give sb a present seeing play, lucky have you) ! Proud the beginning of the year at the beginning, teleplay ” hill sea affection ” log onto stage of Jinan broadcasting television ceremoniously ” tonight theater ” . This drama can not allow small gaze, before streak, it goes up in some famous grading website, obtained freeboard result of 9.4 minutes, public praise rides absolutely dirt.

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The part in this drama, the personate of actor of a gleam of such as beneficial of You Huangxuan, Zhang Jia, Yan Ni, Yao Chen, their fictile those skins the figure of guileless of coarse, dress, imprint in the audience ” aunty ” in brain.

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And between former voice edition, their everybody the local accent with great thing, more surround in audience brain. Very much National People’s Congress breathes out: If go now northwest, dehisce can whirlwind is dialectal, can blend in local life minute minutes. For edition of what former voice such respect? Advocate achieve in original collect folk songs when discovery, participate in speak or sing alternately to help the Fujian person that deficient works in those days, arrived after Ningxia, it is very difficult that dialect has difference, communication, the first crisis that relieves deficient so is a language close. Then, advocate achieve with respect to the basis actual condition, creation went out a chain of explode laugh stalk. For instance, the Chen Jinshan of the cadre that help deficient up of Guo Jingfei personate, operating the smell austral a thick Fujian ” Fujian general ” , cross district communication with local, the result does not take care, became with respect to communication cross ” take ” to battle.

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Difference of oral speech soundvoice, brought Thespian conflict and comedic result not only, and still shaped dramatic character image, reveal those who gave northwest person is forthright, honest and tough, increased the character’s reliability and affinity. For instance the horse gets happiness figure of this place cadre, besides coarse skin and inornate brow, hair, dialectal, it is predestined relationship of his results audience add cent.

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Be in so chip during patting, for as far as possible the condition helping deficient up with true joint, the play staff uses northwest dialect, and reinstate many northwest book actor. As the teleplay that faces the whole nation, ” hill sea affection ” advocate achieve people in dialect apply on give attention to two or morethings transmission range and local characteristic, let actor’s lines be in accurate communicate information and develop distinctive style between, found balance place.

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We go to frequency switch again dub edition, actors are full of sand blown by wind all the same, all the same face of grey head earth, go up in desert beach all the same earth of develop of open up wasteland. But, no matter be local or Fujian person, everybody starts to talk is authentic mandarin completely, word antrum is round. At a draught, district gust sold at a discount, scene atmosphere sold at a discount, character nature sold at a discount, comic effect also sold at a discount. Two-phase is comparative, former voice edition is over get the better of! !

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