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Original title: An Yixuan head bask in daughter front to illuminate! Child of bud of large small hole exceeds lovely, good gene of perfect and successive parents How to bask in those who gave the husband to adopting a daughter in order to high to close in small gain 2.15 days that day according to, write: “I am defeated by child treasure, the Valentine’s Day is happy ” . In the photograph, red of child treasure a suit is wearing bowknot slow-witted bud is lovely, big eye acceded outstanding gene of mom.

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This is the appearance that how makes public a daughter first with a small room, when conceiving 2 embryoes at that time, the message is brushed exploded this countryman goddess sees entire network, temperature is very high still how is mentioning in order to high the people can say very familiar, 17 years before she is depending on the Lin Yueru in celestial being sword one horn took popular line of vision, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan thereby and red, catch even if married closely wealthy businessman husband, when showing according to the data An Yixuan is very small, parents leaves other, she and father live together, father is to manage conserve of the company, father very to her certainly as a child.

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Say she has shared him An Yixuan experience of a few paragraphs of feeling; 2010 when be in love because of capriccio of cooperative finish marriage with Li Chengxuan, but final two people divided a hand, present Li Chengxuan also is a life won the home to marry Qi Wei, the child that be delivered of also is super and lovely, the meaning that countless people can be when two people part company at that time is made the same score hard, male after all Shuai Nv is beautiful, super the presence that raises a key point, look now An Yixuan and he parts company also is inevitable existence, was 2014 subsequently bottom when An Yixuan recognized temper with fire of present marital Chen Rong, the other side fastens president of group of Macao heart advance, rely on estate and build up of rich play chess.

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Another relies on the business circles personage of gamble build up, notorious is gamble kills a person not shallow, but An Yixuan chose a such men is the reason that has herself necessarily but the existence of character, an Yixuan also did not take sport again after 2014, take care of the child’s condition completely in the home namely, how be in order to high broad originally too one’s previous experience, husband is so rich, the child is so lovely, a pair of big eyes are super slow-witted bud, very lovely, light is this deputy big eye, rivalled with daughter photograph of Gu Jingwen, gene is too good really. An Yixuan family or super and happy existence child are lovely, husband is handsome, 2018 when An Yixuan filmed a work, many people show or hope this beautiful elder sister is great come out to take sport

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