Tue. Oct 4th, 2022
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Original title: Ma Wei | ” hello, li Huanying “

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From the cinema comes out already the latter half of the night, seeing a movie so late is the thing a few years ago in memory. Successive 3 days did not buy a ticket, was forced to buy at night last, the film comes loose back street in the sky without one person, chill heart is warm. Say film kind first. This is one passes through spatio-temporal film, wear Shaoxing opera these year often be denounced, but this film passes through 10 warmth, pass through spatio-temporal finite also, this kind of art has in gimmick ancient poetry, cry ” pour halberd and enter ” , for example of Li Qi of Tang poetry person ” Chao Wen’s boy far away from home is sung from the song, the river is crossed at the beginning of yesterday evening small frost ” it is spatio-temporal convert. ” hello, li Huanying ” it is fiction surely realistic or it is OK that realistic work does not know fantastic. Between reality and fiction, the film is worn well removed a bridge, this bridge is in charge of communicating the affection between audience and story.

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The film is major Gu Ling adapts the story according to personal experience. She is without the individual’s pain reservation is shown, either rich sympathizes with, however rich is resonant. ” hello, li Huanying ” the film is longer, about two hours. In the final phase of the film, gu Ling arrives from the language picture, arrive from rhythm content, not hesitate writing makes its mother sufficient show its individual glamour, this is the place that when I watch a movie, feels most touching. Cinematics is such, overflow seemingly casual, actually make extraordinarily painstaking efforts. A such realistic work, although mix into enters dummy composition, let spatio-temporal convert again, but we still saw we are short of easiness emotional ~ the most easily to kiss affection today. The ancients says, tree desire is static and wind is more than, child desire filial piety and close prep before. Every are short of the posterity that loses a dear one, can experience the deal of this word deeply certainly. Gu Ling has said, did not have a mother, what joy can is short of lose one part. Word small suggestion is heavy, words short condition is chief. Brighten The Corner Where You Are

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