Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Han Sanping grieves over Zhang Zhao: He is born because of the film, for the film eventually

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Zhang Zhao died due to illness on Feburary 3

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Han Sanping grieves over Zhang Zhao Han Sanping is grieving over Zhang Zhao while also express: His not unexpectedly annals, look at the travel before can incentive everybody travels together to continue on film road. Be in before this on Feburary 3, CEO of the primary happy line of business that look a trace and executive trustee Zhang Zhao die due to illness, all the year round is 58 years old. On Feburary 7, zhang Zhao’s remains leaves the ceremony is held in Beijing.

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That is carrying idealism big banner, of the film of the travel before encourage child, unexpectedly always difficult good-bye. We are aching! Astonish! Believe hard! He always says: This the person already died, spirit lives forever. After from Fudan University philosophy the department graduates, because love truly the film, far go to new York university to assiduously study film major. After homecoming, participate in make, issue the tuber of stemona of film even more: By ” Hollywood reports ” the professional career that calls Zhang Zhao with full page, he ever initiate film issues ” earth mat ” mode; The direction of industrial development course that takes seriation brand to change 270 million ” Z for generations ” the user relates Chinese youth story first and last, he is in devote oneself to to create new value for Chinese film. Stars of it may be said its are slash, a newborn baby its person! Today, we gather, for see sb off of a such good comrade-in-armses, good associate, good division commander, deeply recall with emotion. He is born because of the film, be the film and ignite all fuel for movie career eventually, do not have the least bit reservation absolutely. On his body, of incisively and vividly showed ” choose be related and eventually all one’s life ” life is devotional, even if is in the last moment of life, still also explore more than, certainly before row. Zhang Zhao lofty ideal did not propose a toast, but the contribution that he makes for Chinese film institute returns engrave to be in will of people of too much movie, also will affect this to still be in continuously rebuild period industry. “Use up my annals also and the person that cannot come, can not have regret ” , zhang Zhao has not gotten replying to the problem of movie industry but his persistence still can transmit a ring ceaselessly here, our deep feeling of grief grieves over of Mr Zhang Zhao leave, his not unexpectedly annals, look at the travel before can incentive everybody travels together to continue on film road. Old Zhang Zou is good, wish heaven, also have film photograph partner. Han Sanping

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