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Original title: Check Liu De Hua gives the 3 big top class killer of personate 40 years alleged ” a year of one God, de Hua of hundred years Liu ” , the little a unit of weight that make up silk never suspects Liu Dehua will be red all one’s life.

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It is in all Liu Dehua film, a lot of people oversight it, the person that has seen actually knows, this film is born for Liu Dehua namely, just by ” day and ground ” reaved limelight. Liu Dehua is in ” the fairy tale of killer ” in of personate is byname ” judge ” top class killer, arrogant Qing Dynasty is cooling brilliant and cheesy, with ” this killer is not quite cold ” medium Lyon is having similar move. When filming at that time, liu Dehua has 33 years old only, adversary Yuan chants appearance to also do not pass 23 years old, the Yan Zhicheng that does not cross two people to use his rose whole ” appearance ” , if the princely princess in fairy tale makes a person yearning commonly.

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Ceng Ping price says Zhang Jiande, ” full-time killer ” it is Du Qi peak ” the most conceited make wantonly ” , had not considered the body move of the audience completely, in the creation that is enmeshed in oneself from beginning to end cannot extricate oneself. Although the Liu Dehua in film is a killer, but the all the time is not playing handsome, wanton make public, high-spirited and vigorous is figure of Liu Dehua killer ” give a group ” always. A lot of people say Liu De Huahe turns over Ding grand history is system of two spirit division, holiday of true true and false is the audience said to calculate, should pat patted, how to understand the think of a way that is you as to this!

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# of Chen Saicheng of Gu Ling of bitterly attack of # contemporary Li Xiaolong

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