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Original title: Male 2 act male advocate star, be like a list of names posted up on battle, Hu Ge, last second is killed male advocate! Be in ” oh! My imperial Majesty ” , the boreal hall Chinese ink of the personate that resemble battle is caught, be an appropriate appropriate is male 2, but depend on superhigh Yan Zhi however, circle pink countless, person energy of life passes high for a time even male advocate. Small make up when believing everybody is seeking this theatrical work, metropolis be given to encircle pink by the king father of this lukewarm Wen Ruya.

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Be in ” alone Gu the world ” in, the Yu Wen of Xu Zhengxi personate is protected, as male 2, it is Yan Zhi or acting no matter, actual strength of true it may be said is ground pressure male advocate. Although Yu Wen is protected,be a villain in drama, but overbearing spoony is set, let a person how also be hated however do not rise. In this drama, yu Wen is protected with be like like Gu alone, the show that photograph loving each other kills is piled up, cause countless audiences to feel distressed.

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In ” the Summer Solstice did not come ” in, of land of the white personate that respect booth hold one horn high, contracted almost the laugh of the audience is nodded and the tear is nodded. Although Liu Zhiang is male only 2, but no matter Yan Zhi or acting exceed assist really, of appropriate appropriate will male 2 acted male advocate feeling.

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Be in ” the Tian Zhihen of sword of thill of a small room ” in, the space article develop of personate of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song, although be only male 2, but however because of powerful individual glamour, be born forcedly unripe male 2 acted male advocate feeling, abrupt good intention aches male advocate Jiang Jin’s husband. Must say, the Hu Ge of a suit armor, it is really Shuai Youba is enraged!

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Be in ” handsome female ghost ” in, the 7 night of Nie Yuan personate, brilliant, kind-hearted, brave, decisive, dark, also be the second is killed male advocate general existence.

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In teleplay ” spadger ” in, the Tang Shan sea of Zhang Reyun personate, true it may be said encircles pink countless. Although at the outset a lot of people are to developing Li Yifeng to see this play, result cent minute by this male 2 pink giving a group.

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Be in ” snowflake goddess dragon ” in, the Ou Yangming day of Qiao Zhenyu personate, comely and pretty, a bit vermilion between adscititious eyebrow, honest too Jing is colourful. This Yan Zhi, every minutes of minute second is killed male advocate ah! He in drama, with ” the person on road is like jade, childe world is incomparable ” this word will describe, again apt did not pass.

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Do not know above these are tall Yan Zhinan 2, which does everybody like most? By who to give to encircle pink?

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